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The question on every revenue operations professional’s mind is: how do I do more with less? Automation, document management, and streamlining approvals are a great place to start! Nintex will share details and industry best practices to help tackle big issues.

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New ways to fast-forward your workflows

New AI capabilities accelerate process management and workflow automation.

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Process Mapping: Allows users to map out and visualize complex business processes for better understanding and optimization

Workflow Automation: Automates business processes, reducing manual tasks and improving operational efficiency

Document Generation: Automatically generates important documents based on predefined templates and workflows

Process Intelligence: Provides analytics on process performance, offering insights into bottlenecks and improvement areas

Mobile Capabilities: Ensures that workflows and processes can be managed and accessed from mobile devices, enhancing flexibility

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Our average member has more than 5 years of RevOps experience. That means you’ll have real-time access to seasoned professionals. All we ask is that you’re generous with your knowledge in return.