Community Guidelines

Welcome to the RevOps Co-op – your go-to spot for all things RevOps! Whether you're hunting for answers, resources, or just some cool RevOps peeps to connect with, we've got you covered. 🚀

We're all about building a friendly, motivational, and inclusive community. Please read our Community guidelines and play by the rules. Let's keep this place rad! 🙌

How to Rock our Slack Program

  • Let's dive right in, folks! Feel free to start conversations, share insights, and engage with the community. Your input is valuable.
  • Ask questions - Don't hesitate to seek advice or assistance from fellow members. Many of them have encountered similar challenges and are eager to help.
  • Be the answer guru - Contribute by providing answers or solutions to questions posed by fellow members. It's a give-and-take community.
  • Share your work for feedback -Feel free to share your projects or ideas for feedback, but please refrain from promoting your services, products, or soliciting sales, meetings, or demos unless explicitly requested by others. We're here to foster collaboration and constructive feedback.
  • High-fives all around - Show appreciation to those who take the time to respond to your posts. A simple "thank you" goes a long way.
  • Warm welcomes - Extend a warm welcome to newcomers. A friendly greeting can make a big difference.
  • Keep it friendly, helpful, and motivating. Keep the atmosphere positive and inspiring. Your interactions should be constructive and uplifting.

But, yep, there are some rules.

Just like any good party, things are better when everyone's chill. These rules are here to keep the good vibes going, and if things get wild, we might need to step in and keep the peace – like a parent on a long road trip with rowdy kids. 🚗💥 So, keep it cool, y'all!

Community Rules for ALL Programs

  • Be a nice person: Maintain a friendly and respectful tone. Refrain from any form of bullying, harassment, or making unwanted advances. Discrimination based on appearance, religion, orientation, or any other characteristic will result in a lifetime ban from the ROC community.
  • Debate ideas, not people: We encourage healthy discussions. However, personal attacks are unacceptable. Keep conversations focused on the topics at hand. If it turns into a personal attack, we will take action.
  • Avoid treating community members as competitors: Our members are generous with their time and expertise. If you receive help, reciprocate by sharing your knowledge and insights. This community thrives on cooperation.
  • No self-promotion: The ROC community is not a platform for promoting your services or products. Do not solicit meetings, demos, or engage in any form of direct marketing without explicit permission. If you're interested in a community collaboration, contact our Community Manager.
  • Respect others' privacy: If you recognize someone using an alias or have disagreements with a member, keep it to yourself. Remember the importance of being a nice person and focusing on idea-driven conversations.
  • Avoid non-relevant and incendiary topics: While we respect diverse opinions, this community is not the place for discussions on highly controversial or unrelated subjects, such as religion and politics. Such topics are better suited for personal social media platforms.
  • Stay alert: Make community leaders aware if you notice a dangerous situation or violation of these rules. Violations will not be tolerated. First time offenders will be warned and educated on proper community etiquette.  The RevOps Co-op reserves the right to remove repeat offenders from the group.
  • Don't spam the channels: Avoid posting the same message or content multiple times across different channels.

Social Media Etiquette

We value meaningful connections and collaboration within our community. To ensure a positive experience for everyone, we kindly ask our members to refrain from engaging in sales-y or promotional activities on external platforms, such as LinkedIn.


  • Respectful Engagement: If you wish to connect with fellow community members on social media platforms, please ensure that your interactions are respectful, relevant, and aligned with the principles of our community.
  • Avoid Unsolicited Promotions: Do not use external platforms for unsolicited promotion of your services, products, or meetings. Instead, focus on building genuine connections and contributing to conversations in a meaningful way.

Remember, the goal is to foster a collaborative and supportive environment. Let's keep the community vibe positive both within Slack and on external platforms.

Reporting Violations

Alert community leaders: If you witness a dangerous situation or a violation of these rules, please notify the Community Team promptly via Slack or by emailing Violations will not be tolerated.

Consequences of a Violation

Enforcement: First-time offenders will receive a warning and be educated on proper community etiquette. The RevOps Co-op reserves the right to remove repeat offenders from the group.

Additional Information

Community Promotion: Be aware that the RevOps Co-op Team may use your name, title, place of employment, and image in our marketing materials.

❤️ Your RevOps Co-op Community Team