Community Guidelines

The RevOps Co-op is your destination for finding answers, resources, and connections needed to develop and scale your RevOps ambitions. We strive to create a helpful, inspiring, and inclusive community, so we ask that all members review and abide by the following Community guidelines.

How to Participate in our Slack Program

  • Jump right in!
  • Ask questions — be sure to ask members for help or advice. More than likely, someone has been in your shoes before.
  • Help others by answering questions posted by other members.
  • Ask for feedback on something you’re working on
  • Thank members who take the time to reply to your posts.
  • Say hello to new members and welcome them into the community.
  • Be friendly, helpful, and encouraging.

...and you know there are some rules.

Like any gathering, people have more fun when people are nice. These rules are intended to keep people happy and safe, and we will step in and restrict your usage if needed. Think of a long road trip with your kids or your siblings when you were younger. Sometimes things got out of hand and you or your parents are there to intercept the slap fight and keep anyone from needing medical care.

The Rules... for ALL Community Programs

  1. Be a nice person. Keep your dialogue work-safe and refrain from bullying. Making unwanted advances or singling anyone out because of their appearance, religion, orientation, or any other reason will get you banned from the ROC community for life.
  2. Debate ideas, not people. Turning a conversation into a personal attack is completely unacceptable in the ROC. We will pull the ROC van over and leave you at the virtual service station. We won’t pick you back up. You’re on your own, kiddo.
  3. Don’t treat community members as competitors. Our community members are very generous with their time. If you have cause to help someone out, please reciprocate by sharing information.
  4. No self-promotion. This is not a place to sell your services or product, or conduct market research. Do not ask for a meeting, suggest a demo, or reach out to another member privately with any kind of CTA for your company, unless explicitly asked for by them. If you want to explore a community collaboration, contact our Community Manager.
  5. Respect others’ privacy. If you recognize someone who is using a different name or have a beef with a community member, keep it to yourself and reread rules 1 and 2.
  6. Avoid non-relevant and incendiary topics. We get it. Some people like to watch the world burn, but you already have plenty of real estate on Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and Facebook. Take to your personal social media channels to voice your opinions on religion, politics, etc., and keep it off the ROC channels.

Alert community leaders if you notice a dangerous situation or violation of these rules. Violations will not be tolerated. First time offenders will be warned and educated on proper community etiquette.  The RevOps Co-op reserves the right to remove repeat offenders from the group.

In addition to all of this, the RevOps Co-op may periodically use your name, title, place of employment and image in marketing materials.

❤️  Your RevOps Co-op Community Team