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The biggest potential slowdowns in any customer lifecycle happen when a customer changes hands. Did marketing pass vital information to sales and did sales reciprocate that exchange with customer success? Or is everything a siloed, black box? Dock is here to talk best practices around handoffs and information sharing.

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Win sales deals & onboard customers in one space

Dock organizes everything shared with customers in one branded workspace. Create deal rooms, onboarding hubs, and client portals that customers love.

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Sales Deal Room: Dock gives sales teams one sales deal room to collaborate with buyers throughout the deal cycle.

Content Management: Find content quickly.
Share it with customers.
Track engagement.

Sales Order Forms: Share pricing quotes. Sign order forms. Close deals faster.

Customer Onboarding: Create personalized customer onboarding hubs in a few clicks. Share project plans, onboarding content, and forms in one collaborative space.

Client Portal: Manage projects, share files, embed dashboards, track engagement, and sign renewals in one collaborative workspace.

Client Project Management: Stop sending your clients messy spreadsheets and clunky project management tools. Create shared customer project plans that your clients will actually use.

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