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Everyone in RevOps knows that you don’t get between a salesperson and their commission. QuotaPath’s experts are excellent resources for community members looking to learn more about compensation design and execution.

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Streamline paying sales commissions

Rally teams around shared revenue goals by building comprehensive sales compensation plans and providing visible earnings. Feel confident you're paying commissions correctly on every deal.

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  • Build Compensation Plans - It works with your RevTech stack to gather and organize results into a format ready for making decisions, turning scattered data into valuable insights that lead to growth.
  • Automate Commissions - Create effective and understandable plans with QuotaPath's flexible plan builder, best-in-class templates, and plan performance insights.
  • Pay Sales Commissions - Simplify closing your books with an automation tool that ensures accurate calculations for commissions.
  • Drive Sales Revenue - Pair compensation plans that align company goals with tools that break open the black box of sales compensation to reduce confusion, gain trust, and hit revenue targets.
  • Integrations - Enjoy native integrations that don't require manual refreshes and trust the accuracy and timeliness of your data.
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“Partnering with RevOps Co-Op has given us an all-access pass to the RevOps community, providing us with critical insights into the trends and challenges our buyers are seeing and facing.

“Regarding the RevOps Co-Op team, I have nothing but praise. They’ve been extremely proactive from the jump, inviting us into the conversation and helping to position us as a thought leader in the sales compensation software space.”

Bret Lehnhof, Director of Demand Generation @ QuotaPath

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