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Nue approaches CPQ through a less traditional lens and incorporates AI-driven revenue operation and sales performance into the mix. They share which AI-driven workflows are providing the most productivity gains for RevOps professionals and how to think about a more scalable approach to contracts and billing with our community.

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Manage your revenue lifecycle with one platform

CPQ, billing, and analytics for every revenue model, every channel, and every sales motion, powered by a single, unified engine.

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Performance Management: Provides tools to track and analyze sales performance and team productivity in real time

Revenue Analytics: Offers deep insights into revenue generation patterns and opportunities for optimization

AI-driven Forecasting: Leverages artificial intelligence to provide more accurate and predictive sales forecasts

Customer Segmentation: Helps in creating detailed customer segments based on behavioral and transactional data

Sales Strategy: Assists in developing robust sales strategies based on data-driven insights

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