Revolutionizing Deal Management: Contract Revision & Slack Integration with DealHub

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Revolutionizing Deal Management: Contract Revision & Slack Integration with DealHub

September 12, 2023
11:00 am

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In today’s dynamic landscape of deal management, the tools you employ have a significant bearing on your success. As business challenges grow, having access to the latest and most efficient tools isn’t just an advantage — it’s essential.

Explore a new way to review and edit contracts by enabling your legal teams to effortlessly download contracts to their devices and make edits using WORD.

Join Derrick Durden, Customer Success Manager at DealHub for an enlightening conversation as he unveils DealHub’s new game-changing features: Contract Revision and Slack Integration!

During this session, Derrick will also guide you through the nuances of the Contract Revision features, enabling you to seamlessly incorporate them into your future deals. Plus, get a firsthand look at our latest Slack integration, designed to deliver instant deal updates directly to your Slack

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