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Unleashing R.O.I.

RevOps Co-op has partnered with Jeff Ignacio of RevOps Rehab to bring you a ten-week virtual, live instruction RevOps course designed to level up your RevOps Impact (R.O.I.)

Become a Revenue Architect in 10 weeks

Develop a RevOps playbook you can immediately implement into your current org and make an immediate impact.

Each course will feature:

- Course kit
- Live instruction + Q&A
- Peer to peer collaboration
- Certification post course success

The Next Cohort Launches January 2023!

Apply to save your spot

"I highly recommend this course! I've recently been promoted to RevOps Manager and being part of this course boosts my confidence in serving my org and growing my team as an effective RevOps leader."

Allyza Gutlay, Revenue Operations Manager @ Intiveo

What you'll learn over 10 weeks

Week 1

Revenue Operations Impact

Core responsibilities, a framework for Revenue Operations, RevOps tenets, organization structures, strategic impact vs tactical execution, prioritization and project management

Week 2

Running a Tight Ship

Operating cadences, process design, case management and SLAs, policies

Week 3

The Customer is Always Right

Customer lifecycle (awareness to renewal) designs, lead lifecycle, sales stages, implementation, customer success operations

Week 4

Aligning the Stars - building business consensus

Executive alignment, setting goals (OKRs, V2MOM), defining North Star metrics, building a data dictionary, building a business review (MBR, QBR example)

Week 5

Strong Foundations Make for Strong Homes

Infrastructure architecture, total cost of ownership, feature benefit analysis, project planning, RACI, sprints/agile management, change management

Week 6

The Marketing Engine

Developing ICP, Personal Value Maps, segmentation, content management, campaign management, MQLs, lead scoring, lead grading, unit economics

Week 7

The Sales Engine

Qualified vs non-qualified, sales stages, pipeline management (i.e. hygiene, stalled), sales cycle / deal velocity / cohort analysis, forecasting, win / loss reviews

Week 8

The Customer Success Engine

Renewals management, customer value maps, offense vs defense (customer outreach vs support), case management, customer health scores / risk assessment, capacity planning: high touch vs low touch

Week 9

Planning and Compensation

Running a successful Annual Plan, cross functional partnership, Compensation Design Principles

Week 10

Scaling Revenue Operations

Organization design choices, redefining responsibilities, expanding team, skilling up the current team

Tuition $1,749

What's included:

✔️ 10 weeks of live instruction with your cohort and instructor

✔️ Office hours with your instructor

✔️ Guided group work sessions and work-applicable project with instructor feedback

✔️ Private Slack channel with your cohort in the RevOps Co-op workspace

✔️ Access to a private, vetted peer network of other RevOps leaders, rising and current

✔️ Access to course content (including templates, and recordings) forever


Who is this course for?

Unleashing ROI is for current RevOps professionals between the roles of individual practitioner to Director level that have currently been figuring things out along the way and are now ready to make a commitment to level up their approach to revenue operations. This course is an especially good fit for those currently in a RevOps role looking to immediately implement a highly structured methodology into their orgs and grow their career in RevOps. A basic understanding of RevOps will help you get started on the right track when taking this course.

Unleashing ROI was designed for US-based practitioners, but we can usually accommodate international students — we encourage you to apply anyway. This program is fully remote, but best suited for applicants in PST, Central, and EST time zones.

What is the time commitment?

Unleashing ROI students can expect to spend between 4-7 hours per week on live classes, office hours, peer group sessions, and independent study combined throughout the course of ten weeks. Most live sessions take place in the range of 12 p.m. - 6 p.m. EST.

What if the schedule doesn't work for me?

We are all busy, so we vary the meeting times for each cohort as best we can to provide a wider range of options for students across time zones. If you know you'd like to attend this course but the timing of the upcoming cohort doesn't work for you, please do apply and make a note about availability in your application. We will follow up when we have a cohort running during a more convenient time for you.

How many people will be in class with me?

Each cohort is limit 15 people to allow for an intimate experience with plenty of individual attention, and (virtual) face time with our instructor.

The cohort experience will include a private Slack channel in the RevOps Co-op to connect with fellow students and as you work through the coursework.
We will also include weekly office hours with Jeff and small group meetings with other members of the cohort.

Why does it cost $1,749?

Tuition is set at a level that allows our staff and instructor to offer the best possible training. We believe our graduates will be well-equipped to implement their learnings immediately into their orgs, and position them for growth.

Still Have questions? You can email our team for additional help at

Meet Jeff Ignacio

Going from startup to scaleup is a difficult but rewarding journey. Jeff believes that building out Go To Market (GTM) Fit and scaling GTM is not as simple as linearly throwing more money at marketing or more headcount at sales. Leaning on real world experience from those who have been there enables growth companies to build the right parts of their revenue engine throughout their different growth phases.

Jeff has worked at companies both large (Google, Intel) and growing (Visier, PatientPop, UpKeep). RevOps looks different at each and every company, at every stage, and in every sales motion. From SMB to Enterprise average contract values, Jeff has helped to build brand new RevOps teams or optimize existing processes. Currently, Jeff serves as a RevOps focused startup advisor to Syncari, Scratchpad, and Sonar.

After leaving his FP&A role at Google he spent seven years building out the processes, enablement, advisory, and systems for growth companies targeting a multiyear path from ~$10M ARR to $70M ARR. He learned that RevOps isn't static, but rather a dynamic capability needed by the business to adapt to rapid change.

Jeff earned his MBA from the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and completed his undergraduate education at the University of California, Los Angeles.

As a native Angeleno, Jeff enjoys watching his favorite Los Angeles sports teams and sharing great places to visit for those coming to Southern California. He loves to spend time with his wife and daughter.

You can find more content from Jeff at the RevOps Rehab Substack and by listening to the Revenue Architect Podcast in partnership with SalesIQ Global.