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Product Management Fundamentals for RevOps

RevOps Co-op has partnered with Erol Toker of to bring you a four-week virtual, live instruction RevOps course designed to level up your RevOps game.

Effective product management can help you deliver a better RevOps "product"

Learn the product management skills that help companies like Google and Amazon deliver better products, with great adoption and happier users.

In this hands-on practical course, you'll learn how to solve for:
- building up RevOps as a strategic function (not the ‘add a CRM field for me’ team)
- how to drive better, more collaborative, more effective conversations cross functionally
- how to find better solutions to business problems
- how to load balance - prioritization, roadmapping and decision making

The Next Cohort Launches January 2023!

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What you'll learn over 3 weeks

Week 1

Job To Be Done

What is product management (role, skillsets, activities), the job to be done framework, rethinking problems, case studies and videos.

Week 2

How To Have More Productive Conversations

Strategic vs. tactical conversations, how to avoid getting stuck in tactical land, techniques to make strategic conversations easy, case studies and exercises.

Week 3

How To Write a Product Requirements Doc (PRD)

How PMs think about success, the product development lifecycle, formulating a PRD, sprint testing.

Week 4

Wrap Up and Overview

Bringing it all together, real life RevOps PRD examples and use cases, graduation ceremony.

Tuition $499

What's included:

✔️ 3 weeks of live instruction with your cohort and instructor

✔️ Office hours with your instructor

✔️ Guided group work sessions and work-applicable project with instructor feedback

✔️ Private Slack channel with your cohort in the RevOps Co-op workspace

✔️ Access to a private, vetted peer network of other RevOps leaders, rising and current

✔️ Access to course content (including templates, and recordings) forever


Who is this course for?

Product Management Fundamentals for RevOps is for any current RevOps professional, whether an individual practitioner or Director level and above, that is looking to level up their approach to revenue operations through the application of PM principals. This course is an especially good fit for those currently in a RevOps role looking to immediately implement a highly structured methodology into their orgs and grow their career in RevOps. A basic understanding of RevOps will help you get started on the right track when taking this course.

This course was designed for US-based practitioners, but we can usually accommodate international students — we encourage you to apply anyway. This program is fully remote, but best suited for applicants in PST, Central, and EST time zones.

What is the time commitment?

Students can expect to spend between 1 - 3 hours per week on live classes, office hours, peer group sessions, and independent study combined throughout the course of four weeks. Most live sessions take place in the range of 12 p.m. - 6 p.m. EST.

What if the schedule doesn't work for me?

We are all busy, so we vary the meeting times for each cohort as best we can to provide a wider range of options for students across time zones. If you know you'd like to attend this course but the timing of the upcoming cohort doesn't work for you, please do apply and make a note about availability in your application. We will follow up when we have a cohort running during a more convenient time for you.

How many people will be in class with me?

Each cohort is limited to 30 people to allow for an intimate experience with plenty of individual attention, and (virtual) face time with our instructor.

The cohort experience will include a private Slack channel in the RevOps Co-op to connect with fellow students and as you work through the coursework.

We will also include weekly office hours with Jeff and small group meetings with other members of the cohort.

Why does it cost $499?

Tuition is set at a level that allows our staff and instructor to offer the best possible training. We believe our graduates will be well-equipped to implement their learnings immediately into their orgs, and position them for growth.

Still Have questions? You can email our team for additional help at

Meet Erol Toker

Currently Founder and CEO @, which will analyze all of your sales rep activity data with AI and update your CRM with structured data (call notes, competitive mentions, products discussed) without your reps having to do a thing.

I'm obsessed with sales, data, massive-scale systems and everything in between. I've done most things the 'hard way', and love to help others avoid making the same mistakes. If you share the same interests or I can help out in anyway, feel free to reach out!

Technical founder with 10+ years in the enterprise software space. Graduated from Penn/Wharton and got lucky once as a PM at Invite Media (acquired by Google), then twice starting a company as a solo-founder and growing it to 30+ people with the help of amazing Angels/Investors/Advisors (we're hiring!)

Currently helping some of the best sales/IT organizations change the game by opening up the 'black box' of data that flows through their phone channel.

Specialties: Enterprise Sales, Product, Customer Success, Software Development, Hiring, Fundraising, P&L Management, Operations, Support, QA

Languages: English, Turkish, German, French and Dutch