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Revenue Operations

Project Management in RevOps: the Why, What and How

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RevOpsAF is next month–and it’s not your typical conference! Join us May 28-30 in San Diego to celebrate everything RevOps and uplevel your skills. To get you pumped, we’re sharing best practices from community members who are RevOpsAF. Join Kimberley Castlemain, RevOps Lead at Rose Rocket, to learn how a project management framework can help you clarify priorities, stay flexible, and improve communication.

“We want to highlight people who are RevOpsAF, and Kimberley is a great example of that.” - Matt Volm

Turns out, Kimberley’s project management skills were just what she needed to tackle some common challenges at Rose Rocket. Here’s how she improved her team’s RevOps workflows by ruthlessly prioritizing requests, improving intake processes, and identifying the right tools for the job.


Common challenges for RevOps teams

“Project management is about building a world that makes sense.” - Kimberley Castlemain

In fast-paced environments, a high rate of change can quickly exacerbate some of the pitfalls that small RevOps teams encounter daily. When these challenges go unchecked, they get in the way of your efforts to support GTM teams and their revenue growth goals.  

Here are some common challenges: 

  • Your team owns too much and is almost always near capacity.
  • Your team owns stuff that you definitely shouldn’t own.  
  • Almost everything is reactive. It’s inescapable, but you should have time for proactive efforts. 
  • You have project management in one system and your knowledge base in another. 
  • There’s no reporting visibility into completed work.
  • You’re using a simplistic prioritization framework that hinders your strategy. 
  • Your team has low specialization; everyone has to know how to do everything. 
  • Your infrastructure and data landscape needs some love.

Solutions you can start using today

“I saw that the data team was in a similar boat to RevOps, but they were further ahead in their maturity. Their advice? Be ruthless in prioritization.” - Kimberley Castlemain 

Here’s how Kimberley and her team used project management best practices to improve prioritization, communication with the GTM teams, and alignment with overall strategy.

Improve the intake process right away.

At Rose Rocket, everyone submits their requests in a dedicated Slack channel. Two-way communication helps RevOps ask the right questions and decide on next steps.

Be ruthless about prioritization

You want to help everyone, but at some point, you need to say no. Ask yourself, does this request really matter? Use time blocking to stay on top of your most strategic priorities.

Start using and sticking to a roadmap

Go from reactive to proactive with a roadmap. Make it collaborative by adopting monthly scorecards for your stakeholders to track your top areas of focus.

Create a GTM memo changelog

GTM memos make your GTM teams aware of significant changes to their processes. If you’ve updated your pricing calculator, make sure your sellers understand when and why this happened. 

Pro tips from a project management expert

“You can take these fundamentals and use them in any project management environment.” - Kimberley Castlemain 

  1. Manage your product in one place, like Notion. This helps you build documentation organically.  
  2. If a request takes longer than 15 seconds to complete, intake it. 
  3. New to roadmaps? It’s ok to work backward if all you have is a list of projects. 
  4. Try out Kimberley’s project management framework. It’s powerful, yet lightweight. 

Want more project management advice?

Kimberley loves Notion for project management and as a knowledge base. Watch the webinar to access her step-by-step guide for implementing Notion. If you want to meet more people like Kimberley, register for RevOpsAF now!

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