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Revenue Operations

Make It Rain, RevOps - 5 Playbooks to Grow and Win More Pipeline

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Do you have the 5 essential playbooks that will take your RevOps function from reactive to action-packed? Join Ryan Wong Senior Director of RevOps at Rattle, as he shares how RevOps leaders can positively influence their revenue teams through better alignment, effective KPI frameworks, owning the other buyer journey, AI and automation, and getting more out of your CRM

The RevOps function has come a long way in recent years. 89% of RevOps pros say that they believe that their leadership teams see them as strategic drivers of value. It’s now time to move to the next phase of the RevOps evolution and become the engine for driving positive action across revenue teams. 

Ryan Wong, Sr. Director of RevOps at Rattle, shares his 5 playbooks to help shift revenue team behavior to drive better outcomes and alignment.

  1. Get aligned with your revenue leaders 
“Just like when we’re advising sales teams to never sell alone, think of getting aligned as never solving alone.”- Ryan Wong

When aligning with your revenue teams, remember that every conversation needs to add value. Start by listening to your revenue teams. Next, ruthlessly prioritize and document your plans. In other words, you need to have calculated conversations about key topics like KPI visibility, KPI insights, plays and solutions, priorities, and accountability and action.

  1. KPI frameworks drive action

Create a linear KPI framework and an operating rhythm (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly). Ryan recommends focusing on KPIs you can control like inputs and activities rather than ARR or pipeline. You can’t just ask account executives for more ARR but you can ask them for more calls, emails, and LinkedIn connections.

  1. Own the other buyer’s journey 
“Defining the closed-won deal here is about influencing revenue teams and getting them to do things differently. That’s how you prove that you’re a good business partner.” - Ryan Wong

For RevOps, your buyers are your sales, marketing, and even customer success stakeholders. Just like with an external buyer’s journey, visualize and document their workflows from start to finish: where are there gaps? Are they missing SLAs? Are their deals stuck in stage?

Most importantly, meet people where they live. Do they spend their days in the CRM? Mostly no, they live in messaging apps like Slack and Teams. Bring dashboards, reports, and signals to take action directly to them.

  1. Tap tools to coach and collaborate at-scale 

Rattle is all about just-in-time enablement and automated coaching. It's a seamless way to help sales leaders coach their AEs with just-in-time content and signals that don't go stale by the time the AE actually talks to the customer. You can even utilize AI that helps summarize calls for AEs and provides coaching.

  1. Your CRM is full of gold. Surface it. 
“Don’t think of your CRM as gobbling up information, figure out how to push it back out to people to take action.” - Ryan Wong

Simply telling your reps what to do all the time in your CRM can result in operational inefficiency, which distracts people and even loses 30% of revenue every quarter. Use your CRM data to help focus and motivate reps where they are. Send out automatic signals when opportunities change that explain what exactly needs to be done and provide a pathway to action. 

No matter which playbook you tackle first, the goal is to get everyone in the boat together so you can solve problems together. Understand your ICs, frontline managers, and revenue leaders and meet them where they live so you can shift selling behavior in a positive way. 


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