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Revenue Operations

Bridging the Gap: How RevOps Can Exceed the Expectations of Leadership

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It can be hard to find your seat at the table when you’re the only RevOps person at your organization. RevOps experts, Ido Gaver,CEO and co-founder at, Isaac Buahnik, 3x CRO, and Elizabeth DiRusso, Director of Revenue Operations, Eleos Health, join us to explain how to position RevOps in the business and use data to your advantage so you can collaborate effectively with your leadership team.

RevOps is still a relatively new function within businesses, even in the fast paced world of SaaS startups. So when you’re the only RevOps person in the entire organization, what should you do to get a seat at the decision making table? 

According to our panel of RevOps experts, your first step is to identify where RevOps can slot in to immediately deliver value. As Elizabeth DiRusso, Director of RevOPs at Eleos Health, says, “meet your organization where they’re at and start there.” 

“Leadership teams are open to welcoming anyone as a strategic partner. Start with bringing insights and impacts to the discussion. - Ido Gaver

Earning your seat at the table

Want to earn the trust of each GTM function? you need to put yourself in their shoes first. Spend time with sales, business development, customer success, and support. Better yet, do some of these roles yourself. Ido Gaver, CEO at, emphasizes that “authentic empathy is about actually understanding what each team goes through.”

Next, focus on the levers for each team. How can you impact their OKRs? How can you unblock go-to-market teams so that they can reach their goals? Elizabeth worked in pricing strategy and analytics at previous companies and says that it gave her a much better understanding of the business. 

“It wasn't just sales, it was also renewals and customer success. RevOps need to cover everything. Get to know your reps, marketing folks, and CSMs. Understand their jobs and the day to day.” - Elizabeth DiRusso

Using data and insights 

RevOps is uniquely positioned to bring data insights into the conversation in an objective way. You don’t just have the sales, marketing, or customer success perspective. RevOps can see the entire GTM engine. Isaac Buahnik, CRO at Rossum, says that, “the charter of the RevOps team is to have clear ownership across the entire organization, each and every function. You have the answers to the business.” 

At her last company, Elizabeth realized that, when it came to bookings, marketing was using TCV to measure their success while sales was using ARR. They were telling completely different stories. She used data to become the source of truth, redefine bookings, and set expectations for every GTM team.

Collaborate with management

Finally, to gain the trust of your leadership team, rely on visibility and transparency. Share your roadmap and data analysis. Better yet, invite management to collaborate directly within your systems and see the data for themselves. 

“It’s not just about showing the data and saying, ‘I’m right.’ It’s about driving revenue forward together, “says Isaac. Ultimately, if you want a seat at the table, you need to show how you can tie your work back to the most important goal at your company—increasing revenue across the organization.

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