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Revenue Operations
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Sales Operations: Designing Territories

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In case you aren’t yet familiar with Jeff Ignacio, Head of Marketing and Sales Operations at Forethought, consider this your introduction. 


With over 15 years of experience in Consulting, Finance, and Analytics, Jeff is a true expert in the field of sales operations and RevOps. He has worked with companies such as Intel, Google, and AWS, helping them to develop scalable and repeatable selling processes and drive revenue growth.


At the RevOps Co-op, we are excited to partner with Jeff on a 12-week course called the Sales Operations Masterclass that is designed to help sales operations professionals establish a structured methodology and grow their careers. The course covers topics such as sales strategy and planning, operating sales cadences, territory management, pipeline management and forecasting, CRM construction, and quota and incentives.


In today's business world, having a strong and effective sales operation is more important than ever. Companies that can quickly adapt to these changing market conditions and customer needs will be best positioned to succeed. This is where Jeff's expertise comes into play (and it sure is timely, no?!) With his deep understanding of the industry and years of experience, he can help businesses improve their sales processes and drive revenue growth.


One of the key components of a successful sales operation is territory management. Jeff breaks this topic down in his newsletter, The RevOps Impact, and has agreed to ungate an article on the subject with our readers. In the article, titled "Sales Operations: Designing Territories," Jeff provides insights and practical tips on how to create and manage territories to maximize sales effectiveness.

To give you a glimpse into Jeff's approach to sales operations, we have included an excerpt from the article below:

“By combining real-time, account level CRM information, broad geolocation data and third party market data, progressive businesses can optimize territory design to:

  • Maximize the return on sales resources
  • Shorten and improve the territory planning process
  • Reduce travel inefficiencies and related costs for field sellers

With the increasing digital transformation of sales, businesses can now capture and access real-time information that increases the precision, accuracy, and strategic value of territory design.”

To read the full article and learn more about Jeff's insights on territory management, click here.


If you're interested in learning more about sales operations and how to improve your company's performance in this area, we encourage you to check out the RevOps Co-op's Sales Operations Masterclass. Taught by Jeff himself, the course offers a comprehensive and practical approach to sales operations, covering a wide range of topics and providing valuable insights and tools that you can use in your own business.


To learn more about this course and our other course offerings,  visit our website in the Learn section. Classes start in January 2023! Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the experts and take your operations to the next level.


To subscribe to Jeff’s Newsletter, The RevOps Impact, for a steady stream of Revenue Operations templates and frameworks, click here.

We hope you enjoy reading Jeff's article and we look forward to seeing you in the course. Happy learning!

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