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Revenue Operations

Year End Planning Is Done. Now What, RevOps?

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After lots of hard work and great discussions, your annual year end planning is finally done. Now it’s time to execute. Join our RevOps experts Cliff Simon, CRO at Carabiner Group, Hannah Hanrahan, Director of RevOps at Atrius, and Jeff Serlin, CROO & VP of Strategy at Revcast, for their best advice on putting your new plan into action.

“You need to start executing your plan right away so you can get value as soon as possible.” - Jeff Serlin

Annual planning gives your company a bird’s eye view of key initiatives and helps inform your RevOps roadmap priorities. But it must be executed correctly. Our revenue experts share some of their top initiatives for 2024, offer guidance on measuring your progress, and explain how to say no, the right way.

Top initiatives for 2024

“The most important thing when choosing a tool is testing out your processes manually first. Don’t automate processes that aren’t fully baked.” - Cliff Simon

  • Tool consolidation 

Start measuring the level of effectiveness of the tools you’re using today. You might find that you’re only using 60% of the capabilities of your best-in-class point solution. In this case, it may make sense to downsize your stack by aggregating on to one platform solution. 

  • Data cleanup 

The success of your initiatives rely on how accurate your data is. Operating off of bad data can mean that your new GTM motions aren’t aligned with the way your customer wants to buy from you today.

  • Enablement for front line managers 

Your recently promoted manager may have been a fantastic seller, but if you haven’t provided management training, you’ll see a knock-on effect throughout your sales org.

Measure your success, frequently

“Some assumptions are easy to measure, like how much pipeline you’re building or your win rates. Others are more difficult, especially if you only measure once a quarter.” - Jeff Serlin

Frequently measuring the success of your initiatives, from day one, is the only way to have real time visibility into your performance. It also allows you to be more agile in your execution and to reprioritize your roadmap if needed. If you wait until the end of the quarter, or even the month, you may realize too late that you’re off track.

How to say no, the right way

“Asking for the ‘why’ and the details of their need helps people think through their request. Oftentimes, we don’t get a lot of detail back because the requester doesn't end up seeing it as a priority. - Hannah Hanrahan

Rather than haphazardly collecting requests over Slack, email, or even a passing conversation, set up an intake process that creates and submits tickets for your RevOps roadmap. You’ll find that most people won’t bother to fill out your intake form at all. 

This filters out a lot of requests without you having to actually say no. For those people that do submit a ticket, provide visibility into your roadmap priorities and where their request sits. They’ll feel heard and will understand how their item fits into the overall strategy.

Want more advice on executing your plan?

“It’s not always easy to get buy-in from execs for your plans, so be humble, ask really good questions, and be as helpful as you can.” - Cliff Simon

There’s so much more advice to be had! Watch the full event recording for guidance on measuring, prioritizing, and navigating cross-functional needs when executing your plan. Plus, there are amazing bonuses, like an attainment factor calculator from Revcast and templates for mapping your customer journey and roadmap. 

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