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Unlocking Growth Potential: How the Calixa PLG Solution Helps Sales Teams Drive Success

Are you a product leg growth team trying to send usage data to your sales organization? Calixa gives your sales team the product insights and workflows they need to prioritize, close, and grow accounts. Hear from Stephen Moock, Head of Sales and Success at Calixa, as he demos Calixa’s machine learning based scoring, automation, and integration power.

Product led growth and product led sales have actually been around for a while. It’s all about using product data to drive your sales motion. Problems arise when you try to connect free trial data to your CRM for your GTM team to see. “Until recently, it’s been very challenging to do,” says Stephen Moock, Head of Sales and Success at Calixa. 

“We want to know which sign ups are qualified, which are going to convert to low tier paid plans on their own, and which are the next big enterprise customer.” - Stephen Moock

Calixa uses machine learning models to score data based on their product usage, firmographic fit for your product, and key metrics over time. Sales reps can log in to see product qualified leads (PQLs) and product qualified accounts (PQAs) that are in their name.

How does Calixa score PQLs and PQAs?

Calixa is configurable, so just tell their machine learning what conversion events you want to predict. You can score based on which leads in the funnel are going to convert to a meeting or which deals will ultimately close. You can even train it to influence future scoring. 

Heuristic rule based scoring gives you full control to create as many scores as you want. RevOps teams rolling out a PQL tier can say, ‘if someone adds 5 users, their usage is over a certain threshold, or they show a specific combination of actions, it’s a highly qualified account.’

Running automations

Calixa isn’t just for individual sales users. All GTM functions are empowered to create better messaging and targeting. Your PQL and PQA data can be routed into your CRM, your Outreach cadences, and Hubspot marketing lists, to name a few.

Product marketers can see when an executive signs up and tries out a specific feature, triggering them to invite them to an exclusive event through Hubspot. Customer success teams can see when an account’s usage starts dipping by 10% week after week, triggering a call to find out what’s happening.


Integrating with Calixa is super easy. For most tools, you can simply sign into your account through the Calixa portal and start syncing data. Easy account mapping is key to reducing RevOps reliance on submitting a request to the data team for every change. 

“Our secret sauce? We integrate with all major tools in your GTM stack, pulling data from your data warehouse, CRM, support, billing, and CDP.” - Stephen Moock

Who should use Calixa?

Calixa is designed for PLG companies with freemium or free trial offerings. Calixa works well for companies that are building out a modern data stack with a data warehouse or CDP as a core part of their customer data infrastructure. 

Early stage startups can get up and running with Calixa in an afternoon. Enterprise companies with hundreds of sales reps can run a managed trial or POC, then work with the Calixa team to set up automations and deploy the tool in 30 to 45 days. Test out Calixa by signing up for a free trial.  

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