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Revolutionize Lead Generation: Unlocking Growth with RevenueHero

Your website has multiple forms to collect leads and generate pipeline for your sales team. But without a scheduler that immediately books meetings with your reps, you can lose the momentum you need to close the deal. Join Chara Venkataraghavan, co-founder at RevenueHero, as he explains how to generate and accelerate pipeline through instant qualification, routing, and scheduling.

“Imagine a single product that brings together all your complex lead routing, presents a meeting scheduler, creates a meeting in a salesperson’s calendar, and logs meeting outcomes in your CRM.” Chara Venkataraghavan

RevOps folks are dedicated to helping sales and marketing leaders generate more leads. But without a lead scheduling tool like RevenueHero, you may end up wasting time chasing down inbound leads and cobbling together calendar meetings. In the end, you’re left hoping that the meeting actually happens and is recorded in your CRM.

How does RevenueHero work?

“Instantly qualify, route, and schedule a meeting in an account executive’s calendar a few seconds after filling out a lead form.” - Chara Venkataraghavan

When someone submits a lead form on your website, Revenuehero takes the lead through your routing logic and determines whether the contact exists in your CRM. Based on your routing rules, like whether you use geography or round robin to assign leads, RevenueHero will present the right sales rep’s calendar to book a meeting. If the lead chooses not to book the meeting, it’s routed to the SDR team to follow up. 

RevenueHero also provides campaign routers that help take prospects from your marketing collateral to a one-click demo booking experience. The best part? The router will pull all of the contact details from your CRM so the lead won’t have to manually enter their details to complete the form. 

Meeting analytics 

RevenueHero provides conversion reports that give RevOps folks visibility into their funnel from when the form is first filled out all the way to when the meeting is completed or canceled. These conversion reports track details like: 

  • How many forms are submitted
  • How many forms are qualified
  • How many qualified forms book a meeting 
  • Which forms see more drop off when the lead see the scheduler 
  • Which marketing campaigns are driving leads to your web forms 
  • Which teams have the most meetings per month/quarter
  • Which forms are sending through poor quality leads 

Finally, conversion reports collect data that can be used to help your team build projections for next quarter, including headcount requirements.

Is RevenueHero the right fit for your company?

“If you work with inbound or outbound sales motions, have at least 2 sales reps, and want to distribute leads equally, then RevenueHero is right for you.” - Chara Venkataraghavan

RevenueHero integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zoho for CRM. You can also integrate with multiple scheduling tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Google Calendar, Outlook, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. 

Current RevenueHero customers include Okendo, Northbeam, and BuyerAssist. Schedulers help these businesses increase the number of qualified demos booked on sales reps’ calendars, reduce poor quality leads, and improve marketing budget allocation to generate more meetings. 

RevenueHero requires a platform fee and charges $25/user/month for annual contracts and $35/user/month on monthly plans. Your admin users who set up routers and pull reports can use the platform completely free of charge. Visit to book a meeting and set up a free trial. 

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