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10 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite RevOps Pro

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‘Tis the season for gift giving, and we’d like to remind you that your favorite revenue operations professional deserves something great. Or at least humorous. Either way, it’s a win.

10) Standing Mat


At number ten, we’re starting with our most practical suggestion. Revenue ops plays a big part in quarter-end close activities, which means they are often left standing around closing the books. Give their tender tootsies a rest and their energy a boost with this anti-fatigue mat from Vari--recommended by RevOps Co-Op member Lisa Kelly.

9) Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club 


We are not encouraging anyone to take up day drinking. Plenty of your coworkers do that for us. For the RevOps pro with a love of hand-crafted, artisan everything, this drink kit is for them. Each box contains the non-alcoholic ingredients needed to make 12 drinks from three recipes. You choose your favorite bottle of alcohol, and they do the rest.

8) The Spirit Co. Tasting Sets 


For the beverage aficionado who knows what they like, these reasonably priced packages are a great gift option. While The Spirit Co. is known for its regional and varietal whisky flights, they also sell tasting sets of vodka, gin, bourbon, or rum. Just be forewarned: you may ruin their booze budget once they get a taste of the good stuff.

7) Stonewall Birch Breakfast Basket


You can’t help that you’re in a different time zone, but if you crash your RevOps compatriot’s morning on a regular basis, this is an excellent mea culpa. This cornucopia of all things breakfast adjacent includes pancake mix, Maine wild blueberry jam, and Maine maple syrup.

6) Little Box of Badass


Is your RevOps pro just killing it this year with perfect processes and the insights needed to take your company to the next level? Let them know with a Little Box of Badass. The great thing about this gift is they can choose whether they celebrate their awesomeness in one sitting or sprinkle out the reminders throughout the year.

5) Dammit Doll


If you know someone with a lot of pent up stress, a dammit doll is a great outlet for all of that negative energy. Instead of screaming at people over video conference calls, they simply mute Zoom and smack the stuffing out of the doll. Plus, it’s a way less creepy gift than a voodoo doll with pins. Trust us. We looked.

dammit dolls

4) BarkBox


Is your RevOps pro crazy about their pooch? Do they provide the occasional background noise of barking bowsers? Get two birds with one stone and order BarkBox. Not only will they love this pup-centric gift, but the chew toys will also offer Fido a much-needed distraction for that 7 AM call.


3) Trade Coffee Subscription


Does your RevOps superstar love coffee but hate Starbucks? Hook them up with a monthly subscription to a rotation of the nation’s top roasters. Whether they like cold brew, straight up, or fancy shmancy espresso, Trade will find their match.

fancy espresso beans

2) "I test in prod" Hoodie


Many companies have a CRM sandbox and the admin is supposed to test everything there first. But sometimes a "quick change" is too much of a temptation to orchestrate a change set.

This hoodie is doubly funny if your CFO refuses to splurge for that full sandbox RevOps keeps asking for.

I test in prod hoodie

1) Microwave Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders


Need a gift that says “relax” without saying “you look tired” or “your hygiene is slipping”? This microwavable heating pad is a great gift that hints at someone’s stress level without overtly saying they need a break. Plus, you can always tell them you got it for them because they mentioned they were cold. You are so very sneaky.

neck cooler warmer

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