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Revenue Operations

3 Workflows Every RevOps Pro Needs

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There are 3 workflows that RevOps can tackle today to improve efficiency and generate more revenue. Camela Thompson, RevOps Co-op's Head of Marketing, sits down with Alex Mazza, RevOps & GTM Systems at Rattle, Jeremy Steinbring, Founder at RevOnyx, Shriya Ravikumar, VP of BizDev & Development at Spruce Health, Zach Stafford, Principal Consultant at Zacfoo Consulting, and Nick Keeslar, Sr. Director of RevOps at AIDOC, as they dive into lead definitions, lead routing, and the handoff from sales to customer success.

“The last thing you want to do as an operator is add friction to the teams. It’s RevOps job to lower all barriers between the silos.” - Zach Stafford

The handoff between departments is the biggest source of contention and misalignment between teams. It also happens to be an opportunity for RevOps to make an impact. If you’re just starting a RevOps org at your company, improving handoffs between marketing, sales, and customer success is a perfect opportunity to generate more revenue through efficiency gains.

Lead definitions

We created the process of lead qualification to see if new data is worth taking up more space in the CRM. For this to succeed, marketing and sales need to agree on what defines a lead. What actions matter? Which verticals and industries are most desirable? All of this information is stored in your marketing tool.

RevOps can help improve the experience for sellers–and customers–by properly integrating your marketing tool with your CRM. For companies using Salesforce, our panelists recommend using the Campaign object. Sales reps can see all of the actions a lead took on its way to becoming qualified.

Lead routing

“I love the lead object and it’s not just because I’m a Salesforce and HubSpot nerd. The problem is that it’s never configured properly.” - Jeremy Steinbring

Sometimes we overcomplicate our business logic. Before you know it, you have a team of 7 sales reps working across 15 territories using far too many SaaS tools. For lead routing, make use of the tools you already have in place. 

Zach Stafford works with companies with less than 100 employees and at that size, everything can be built using standard CRM functionality, like Salesforce Flow. By leaning on existing tools, you can prevent bloated budgets and convoluted sales processes.

The Handoff between sales and CS

“ A custom object in Salesforce for onboarding is a game changer.” - Nick Keeslar

Our discussions usually center around the lead handoff from marketing to sales. But once you secure the signature on the dotted line, It’s time to think about how to use your CRM to pass your new customer over to customer success for onboarding. To avoid losing important data in the handoff, our panelists recommend building a custom onboarding object in Salesforce. 

Not only does it give CS everything they need, it also helps sales know exactly who the CSM will be so they can make an introduction to the customer right away. It delivers a white-glove experience that puts everyone on the same page while surfacing the right data. The better your teams communicate, the better the experience for the customer, and the more likely they are to renew.

Are you RevOpsAF?

GTM alignment is a big challenge. Luckily, RevOps is perfectly situated to elevate people, processes, and the tech stack to drive efficiency and generate revenue. Interested in learning more about improving your GTM workflows? Grab your ticket for RevOpsAF and come mingle with RevOps experts from all over the world. 

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