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How to Absolutely Nail the Interview Process

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You refined your resume, updated your LinkedIn, and even made it through 7 rounds of interviews…only to be told that someone else got the job. So, what went wrong? Join our hiring experts, Paul Brown, Partner at Acceltra, David Hogan, Founder of Throne Consulting, and Camela Thompson, Founder & Owner of Camela Thompson Creative, as they discuss how to nail the interview process.

"Ask yourself: how do I stay in the forefront of the hiring manager's mind?” -David Hogan

Once again, hiring has been flipped on its head. A few years ago, companies were desperate for qualified job applicants. Today, it’s no longer an interviewee’s market and job seekers must find ways to stand out in a sea of candidates. Hear from our hiring experts as they share their best advice for wowing hiring managers and landing your next role.

Preparing for the interview

“Know yourself. If you get nervous in interviews, it's ok to bring notes to remind yourself how to answer questions.” - Paul Brown 

Always research the company before you get on a call. Most of the information you need is available publicly online, for free. Visit their website and the LinkedIn profiles of the hiring team. Get to know who they are, what they care about, and weave that into the conversation.

With the rise of tools like ChatGPT, you can feed the AI a job description and ask it to compile a list of questions to ask during the interview process. Attending the interview prepared with thoughtful questions shows the hiring team that you’re engaged and taking the process seriously.

Answering interview questions

“Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. It’s okay if you don’t have an answer to every question. Ask for an example to help you understand what the interviewer is looking for.” - David Hogan

It’s ok to ramble. Your recruiter will guide the conversation and stop you if it’s time to move on to another topic. Ultimately, sharing any information about yourself and your experiences helps interviewers get to know your personality. 

You shouldn’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions either. Sometimes companies use unique internal terms to describe a process and you might not know what they mean. If this happens, don’t panic, request a minute to think through your answer and ask for clarification if confused.

Deciding if a company is the right fit

“The wrong people will not hire you. If work/life balance is important to you and the hiring manager takes your culture question the wrong way, is this role really a fit for you?” - Camela Thompson

When asking questions about culture or how you’ll receive support, ask genuinely and you’ll get a genuine answer. By researching the company ahead of time, you’ll get an idea of their values and can be specific in your questions. If the hiring team won’t answer your questions, or is offended, that’s an answer in itself.

If you’re offered the job and you're not sure about accepting, talk it through with the recruiter. You can even ask for an informal chat over coffee. If the hiring team is unwilling to engage, this is another telling answer.

RevOps Co-op is here to help

“At RevOps Co-op, we’ll do our best to work with you if you’re struggling with interviews.” - Camela Thompson

Watch the full webinar to hear more advice and answers to audience questions. Paul, Camela, and David are happy to help if you message them through the RevOps Co-op Slack or via Linkedin. You can also visit the RevOps Co-op blog to read the hiring series, which offers guidance on interviewing for specific RevOps roles.

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