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Revenue Operations

Admin Hour: 2 Salesforce Package Live Installations to Improve RevOps Efficiency

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RevOps Co-op is joined by Vinny Poliseno, Co-Founder & VP of RevOps Strategy & Architecture and Justin Gavette, Team Lead, GTM Tech Ops Services at scaleMatters, who walk us through two live Salesforce managed package installations for round robin assignment and competitor activity data capture

Are you searching for a way to improve your round robin inbound lead assignments (or any Salesforce object data assignments)? Vinny Poliseno, Co-Founder & VP of RevOps Strategy & Architecture at scaleMatters, uses his 15 years of experience in the Salesforce environment to explain how his unmanaged package can customize and automate your round robin workflows.

We also hear from Justin Gavette, 10x Salesforce certified expert and team lead for scaleMatters’ GTM Tech Ops Services. Justin shares how much more you can get out of your competitor reporting in Salesforce—without worrying about automation mistakes. Don’t forget, Vinny and Justin share their managed packages, along with their step by step walkthrough guide, at the end of the webinar.

Automating on-demand round robins

Salesforce has had assignment rules, especially useful for round robins and sales workflows, for forever. But Flow has quickly grown to be the best and easiest way to automate processes in Salesforce. There are tons of free tools to learn about Flow and great communities to help guide you. 

“Flow is completely the future and you can do a lot with it.”- Justin Gavette

Follow along as Vinny dives into how to use Flow and the Lead object to create your round robins and round robin assignee rules. He covers how to create net new records for all of your lead sources and even manage multiple round robins for different source values, ownerships, industries, or territories. This scaleMatters package lets you customize your round robin assignments based on any variable you want. 

Improving competitor reporting and tracking

We all know how to track competitor activities in Salesforce, but the standard process comes with lots of issues at the opportunity object level. Complicated multi-pick lists make it hard to organize and track the number of competitors, incumbencies, and product or feature requests that come into play. 

Justin demonstrates how this scaleMatters managed package creates a competitor tracking object that lets you add new competitors into a custom object that can automatically update this information to your record choice set. 

You can even make simple, yet powerful, changes like designating whether a competitor is an incumbent or not in each opportunity. This is all visible in an easy-to-add screen flow widget that lives in the opportunity object. 

Competitor activity object reports and dashboards highlight: 

  • How many competitors are currently associated with an opportunity
  • The total value across opportunities associated with each competitor
  • How much opportunity value is linked to incumbent competitors
  • How many lost opportunities are associated with each competitor
  • A breakdown of your opportunity stages alongside competitor activity

The information from this managed package can be used beyond the sales and RevOps function. Justin recommends using this data to create cases for your product team that highlights lost opportunities due to feature requests or limitations. The possibilities are endless!

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