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Why Cacheflow’s B2C-like Quoting Experience Makes Buying Software So Much Easier

Your company can be a new startup, mid-market, or an enterprise business and one thing will always be the same. Revenue recognition is hard to get right. Even large companies have to manually reconcile data at the end of every quarter. Join Cooper Burrill, Revenue Operations Lead at Cacheflow, as he demos how Cacheflow can help you get ahead of your growing subscription business.

“Without an end to end subscription engine, you’ll have to deal with manual problems, whether during quoting or during revenue recognition, even at giant revenue operations companies” - Cooper Burrill

Cooper Burrill, Revenue Operations Lead at Cacheflow, says that his job is to help everyone around him become more efficient. And that’s what Cacheflow does for their customers. They offer a full end-to-end quote to cash system that takes sales and structured data and sends it all the way through to a subscription engine, plus plugs that data into your ERP. 

Cacheflow features

Cacheflow is a native add-on for Salesforce, HubSpot, and Close CRM and can be accessed from any opportunity. In this demo, Cooper shows us how Cacheflow works and why delivering a B2C-like experience makes buying software so much easier. 

When you’re ready to send a quote to your customer, click on the ‘Create Proposal’ button to:

  • Build the products you want to include into your quote
  • Customize pricing and how you display discounts
  • Customize payment options for monthly, quarterly, annual, and other payment plans 
  • Set prorated “free months” to win your deal
  • Turn on or off auto renewal and set custom terms 
  • Auto populate your MSA and additional terms 
  • Set discount approval requirements that integrate with email and Slack 

Cacheflow delivers a smoother B2C experience in the order form, and software customers love it. They can even fill out billing information and choose their payment terms directly within the order form before being redirected to DocuSign for signature. 

“Our buyer experience is way ahead of other people out there. Having a B2C type quote can move things along a lot quicker.” - Cooper Burrill

If you’re looking to create a new upsell opportunity in a current customer account, Cacheflow will pull up the existing subscription and give you the option to change or renew it. Simply go through any required approvals, then send the quote to your customer for signature. Everything will be automatically prorated and co-termed. 

Cacheflow reporting shows you a full activity feed of all completed and pending quotes. As soon as an order form is signed and payment has been initiated, a new subscription is automatically created and reconciled with Quickbooks. 

Which companies are a good fit for Cacheflow

Cacheflow typically works with companies that are in series A through series C, although they have larger customers too, like Cacheflow is especially suited for companies that are trying to transition from PLG to more of a sales-assisted model. 

Cacheflow is a platform fee-based product with per user pricing. If you’re starting from scratch, implementation can take as little as one hour. If you’re transitioning from an existing tool, migration of your existing subscriptions can be completed in less than a month, especially if you sign up for premium support. 

If you’d like to learn more, reach out to the Cacheflow sales team. They’ll customize a demo that matches your pricing model. 

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