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Use Machine Learning to Improve Deal Negotiations with Revolear

Are you still relying on tribal knowledge, cutting and pasting, and spreadsheet math just to get a deal across the line? Do you have a whole suite of revenue systems but still end up exporting your proposal into a Word document for redlines? 

Customers get frustrated working with sales reps with poor contract processes. That’s why Revolear has created a platform powered by machine learning to help you put together the perfect deal that will expedite negotiations. Join Raja Singh, Founder & CEO of Revolear, as he demos this end-to-end platform for proposal management.

“During all my years of enterprise software, one thing that surprises me is that so much of the sales process is still conducted in powerpoint, spreadsheets, and word documents.” - Raja Singh 

According to a recent report by Gartner, most customers prefer evaluating products on their own, without the help of a sales rep. But when it comes to complex negotiations, there’s still an inherent need for a person to be involved in the deal. Unfortunately, many sales teams are bogged down with manual contracting processes that complicate their deals.  

Revolear was built to bring together sales reps and their customers by combining the best aspects of self service and human support options. Using machine learning, Revolear helps sales teams add capacity, remove the constraints of manual proposals, and win more deals.

How does Revolear work?

“Everyone knows that the customer is not actually going to pay list price. They’re going to pay some negotiated value…but what amount? and where do you start?” - Raja Singh  

Revolear works with your Salesforce CRM data to create proposals. To get started, you can click a button in your Salesforce object to launch the app or use the Revolear platform directly. Reps are walked through a series of questions to help create and fill out a new proposal template. 

Machine learning algorithms analyze the proposal to recommend the right deal based on factors like amounts and industry. Next, the Revolear neural net model will recommend a starting discount for the proposal. Once confirmed, Revolear creates a microsite for the deal that includes images, videos, terms, and more.

After your customer redlines the proposal, the AI-powered heat map looks at comments and change requests to create a momentum score for the proposal. Sales teams can login to Revolear to see which deals are heating up–and which are going cold.

Is Revolear right for your business?

“Revolear is a shared platform with the customer, not just a tool for the sales team.” - Raja Singh 

The ideal Revolear customer generates between $30M to $100M in revenue each year and has at least 15 to 20 sales reps that close 20+ deals per quarter. The tool supports most pricing models including user-based pricing, usage-based pricing, subscription models, and tiered pricing options.

Revolear has native integrations for Salesforce, Docusign, and ZoomInfo (which sends over new data that informs the machine learning algorithms). For all other integrations, like HubSpot, you’ll need to use Zapier to build a connector.

What does Revolear cost? How does implementation work?

Revolear charges $100 per user per month and includes all of the features in the demo, like CPQ, proposal redlining, and workflows. Implementation typically takes 1 to 3 days to set up your templates, 2 to 3 weeks to validate and test out your proposals, and another 3 to 4 weeks to go live. 

If you’d like to get in touch with Revolear, you can reach Raja and his co-founder Adam Rutland directly through the RevOps Co-op Slack community! Otherwise, you can add them on LinkedIn or visit the Revolear website to learn more. 

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