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Unlock Revenue Success: Why Your Business Needs BoostUp's RevOps Command Center for 95% Accurate Forecasting

Is the data you’re running through your forecasting software reliable? If your revenue tools are working off of atypical, inaccurate, and outdated data, you’re at risk of inaccurate forecasting. Join Chad Cameron, Head of Solutions Consulting at BoostUp, as he demonstrates why you need a RevOps Command Center to give you full revenue management control.

“If you think about what a command center is, it’s a place that gives you all the data you need to make the right call.” - Chad Cameron

How accurate is your revenue forecasting? Is your pipeline data reliable? Poor conversion rates, unproductive deal review meetings, low customer engagement with reps, and manual forecasting can all get in the way of scaling revenue efficiency.  

So, if you can’t answer these questions confidently, it’s time to take a look at BoostUp, a RevOps command center and forecasting platform that delivers over 95% accuracy in forecasting.

How does BoostUp work?

“BoostUp layers on process and automation through the platform so everyone is singing from the same sheet of music in an efficient manner.” - Chad Cameron

BoostUp is a data platform that’s designed for revenue teams. It aggregates data from multiple sources including CRM, emails and calendars, data warehouses, and other tools. By running your data through a machine learning and AI engine, BoostUp gives you direct insight so you can take action and improve results. 

Pipeline reliability

BoostUp uses highly customizable and explorable dashboards to give insights to both individual reps and CROs. By taking quarterly opportunity data from reps and combining it with historical behavioral data, BoostUp can identify which of your deals are at high or medium risk and need attention in order to save. 

The dashboards can show you underlying data by hovering your mouse over the opportunity. You can even dive in further to view highlighted keywords, phrases, and even sentiments in logged communication. Inline edits allow you to manipulate live data that’s pushed back into Salesforce.

Forecasting accuracy

“Our goal is to be plus/minus 5% accuracy on day one of the quarter.” - Chad Cameron

BoostUp can track changes in your pipeline over time at a granular level. This helps revenue teams identify live, atypical behavior that might be negatively influencing deals, so you can make corrections before it’s too late. 

BoostUp’s biggest differentiator from other revenue platforms is its flexibility and configurability.

Too many vendors on the market want you to force your processes into the way their product works. BoostUp is designed to optimize what you’re already doing with highly customized data columns and date ranges.

Is BoostUp right for your business?

BoostUp works well for B2B companies that have at least 20 sales reps. Industry fit ranges from simple SaaS businesses to complex medical device sales companies. Existing customers, including Teradata, Workato, Cloudflare, and Udemy, see a 30% increase in sales rep capacity, a 10% increase in closed-won conversion rates, and a 50% increase in net dollar retention. 

To use BoostUp, you need to integrate with your CRM, email, and calendar. There are also integrations available for data warehousing and engagement tools. If it can plug into Salesforce, it will work with BoostUp. BoostUp uses a SaaS pricing model that bills per user per month on an annual contract. To learn more, visit to watch product videos and set up a meeting to talk to a sales rep. 

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