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Supercharge your Stripe management and transaction data directly inside HubSpot

RevOps needs Stripe data, but we usually have to beg for access to customer payment information. In this episode of RevOps Demos that Don’t Suck, we talk to Dax Miller, Head of Product at Zaybra, an app that lets HubSpot users create, update, pause, cancel, refund, and analyze Stripe subscription data–all from within HubSpot CRM. Read on to learn how connecting Stripe to HubSpot can open up a whole new world of data insight.

It can be a constant battle to get access to Stripe data. You have to beg for downloads, bother someone to fulfill a refund, and ask someone else for insight on which campaigns, salespeople, and emails are generating revenue. 

Zaybra is an bi-directional app that helps you get all this information, and more, by integrating your HubSpot CRM with your Stripe account. When you install Zaybra, it automatically backfills all of your customer subscriptions, transactions, and contracts directly into HubSpot. 

What can Zaybra do for RevOps?

Because access to Stripe accounts are heavily guarded at any company, there's a limit to who can manage payments and transactions and a bottleneck to accessing data. Many marketers must rely on a weekly download of stripe data so they can compare subscriptions changes: what changed, who churned, and who downgraded or upgraded. 

When you use Zaybra to integrate HubSpot with your Stripe account, you save yourself a bunch of clicks and screen time. You can also step away from data management and tackle important questions like: how can I enhance this business? What can I do to automate payments? How can I improve email marketing and focus on product led growth?

One answer lies in setting up triggers in your HubSpot workflows. If a transaction fails in Stripe, HubSpot can automatically send a failed payment alert or enroll the customer in a different workflow. If a customer reaches a minimum number of payments, you can trigger a thank you or welcome email. 

Supercharge your reports and dashboards

When you install Zaybra into your HubSpot and Stripe accounts, you can start analyzing historical data on day one with ready made HubSpot reports that highlight data like:

  • Average MRR 
  • MRR over time
  • Average one time payments
  • New subscriptions
  • Active subscriptions
  • Past due subscriptions
  • New upgrades and downgrades
  • Free trial conversions
  • At risk customers and super customers
  • MRR by company (only possible with Zaybra’s integration)

Doesn’t HubSpot already have a Stripe integration?

HubSpot Payments is already available in the CRM and is powered by Stripe. While this is a perfect solution for small businesses that want to take simple payments More complex revenue operations will find the functionality lacking. 

Zaybra offers much more, including: 

  • Integration with existing Stripe accounts. HubSpot payments can’t do this and you’ll miss out on historical data.
  • Accepts payments in over 130 countries served by Stripe and can take payments from global banks, ApplePay, GooglePay, ACH, and in multicurrency. HubSpot Payments is only available in the United States.
  • Ability to edit, update, or even refund Stripe subscriptions right within HubSpot. 

Pricing, integrations, and implementation

Sign up for a 7 or 14 day trial today. Zaybra pricing is a flat monthly fee based on your volume of payments rather than charging per transaction. App installation is completely self service, so you can be up and running by tomorrow. 

If you do need help, Zaybra offers light onboarding for building reports. They also work with HubSpot partners that help with larger scale implementations, plus integrations with other HubSpot partner tools. Visit to book a demo and walk through the product with Dax or the customer support team.

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