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Streamlining Revenue Recognition with a Unified CPQ Platform

RevOps teams want to build the perfect revenue generation and recognition system. Unfortunately, they usually spend most of their time manually troubleshooting sales deals. In this episode of RevOps Demos That Don’t Suck, we hear from Prakash Raina, Cofounder of Subskribe about how a unified CPQ platform can free RevOps teams and account executives from manual revenue recognition processes, so they can focus on growing your business.

Sales orgs tend to close the majority of their deals in the last 2 weeks of the quarter. This is classic SaaS sales–and what a rush! But while account executives hustle to finalize quotes and get signatures, Deal Desk and RevOps teams are swamped with requests to help with quotes, invoices, ramping deals, DocuSign, billing and invoicing, and many other revenue recognition processes. 

Prakash Raina, Cofounder of quote-to-revenue platform Subskribe, experienced this chaos first hand when he worked at Okta managing and overseeing manual processes, system integrations, and custom requests. He felt like a full-time revenue coder for the go-to-market team. 

He knew there was a better way and, alongside his co-founders, created a streamlined CPQ platform that consolidated the full revenue recognition process into one system, so sellers can be self-sufficient and RevOps can focus on improving revenue generation.

Is Subskribe right for your business?

Subskribe is designed to grow with companies of all sizes. If you have a 10 person sales team that’s finally moving off of excel or you’re an enterprise company trying to streamline your revenue recognition process, take a look at Subskribe for CPQ.

Implementing your first CPQ system

Subskribe offers a lightweight CPQ plan for companies that are growing quickly and are ready to move beyond Salesforce, PDFs, and excel spreadsheets. You can import data from all of your revenue systems and tools, assert more control and governance over your revenue recognition and finance processes, and get up and running in just a week or two.

Streamlining your CPQ processes

For more mature companies that have outgrown their existing CPQ systems, Subskribe has a fully unified quote-to-revenue plan that can increase operational efficiency by taking over the manual and administrative work of managing complicated deals. 

Subskribe offers an end-to-end CPQ platform that includes quoting, subscription management, billing, and can even assist finance folks when they close out their books. You can manage all CRM and ERP functionality like product catalogs and codes, approvals, subscriptions, amendments, order form generation, renewals, and billing and payment collection in one place. 

Top features

  • Serves as middleware between your CRM tool (Salesforce and Hubspot) and your ERP tool (Netsuite)
  • Includes a bidirectional sync with your CRM to refresh sales opportunities after changes are made in Subskribe 
  • Supports multiple currencies 
  • Supports one time payments and recurring subscriptions
  • Supports multi-year ramping for for licenses and volume discounts 
  • Provides out-of-the-box templates 
  • Offers a user friendly experience for account executives
  • Automates prorating and revenue recognition for mid-year changes

“Ramp deals are really good for companies, but they usually come with heavy back office processes. We think you should be able to create multi-plan, multi-year ramp deals with different discounts and license counts–all within 30 seconds.”


If you’re new to CPQ, Subskribe can be fully implemented and live in one week using out-of-the-box, prebuilt integrations with major CRM and ERP platforms. For a more mature organization, Subskribe can replace and consolidate your existing CPQ systems in less than 90 days. 

Unifying every aspect of your revenue recognition technology stack means your RevOps team can focus more on introducing better workflows for revenue growth and spend less time troubleshooting deals for your sales team.  

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