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Streamline Your Sales Process WIth Dynamic Book Management

Revolutionize Your Sales Process with Dynamic Book Management

Can you imagine how nice it would be to quickly look at a screen and identify your rep's capacity and account activity? That’s one of the solutions Gradient Works is able to offer. According to their research, 76% of companies still use geographic territories and 83% still use good old fashioned spreadsheets. Not surprisingly, 64% of companies are not satisfied with their territories.

By using a dynamic book solution like theirs, you can solve these problems by:

  • Setting caps for the whole team
  • Identifying high-fit, unassigned accounts and queuing them up for the next available rep 
  • Choosing criteria for assigning leads using lead routing and round-robin 
  • Quickly creating a new account distribution list, allowing you to more efficiently onboard new employees 
  • Identifying the regions that need more attention, so you can accurately distribute leads
  • Collecting data that all RevOps leaders love to use when identifying ways to build a strong, sustainable sales pipeline

With its enriched data capability, it’s easy to visualize a dashboard with the team’s capacity and activity. Imagine a scenario where it’s Wednesday and half of the team is behind schedule, meaning important accounts haven’t been touched. It’s easy to address situations like this if data is more easily digestible. 

Implementation and tech stack

Gradient Works helps its customers with implementation and provides all the necessary resources to get the most out of their tool. As if that wasn’t enough, they integrate with some of the most popular tools that RevOps pros are using today, such as: Salesforce, Outreach, SalesLoft, and Slack.