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Streamline Your Pipeline Management and Forecasting with Weflow

How do you help your reps focus on the right tasks? How can managers see if a deal is stalling? And how can RevOps properly track deal movements in the forecast? Join Janis Zech, Co-founder & CEO at Weflow, as he shares how Weflow can take pipeline management and forecasting in Salesforce to the next level.

“Weflow is great for updating and managing pipeline, as well as inspecting your deals.” - Janis Zech

If you use Salesforce, you probably have issues with data quality. There are simply too many fields and workflows that require sellers to enter their data manually. You need a way to streamline your pipeline management experience that makes it easier for your reps to update Salesforce. 

Weflow takes data from Salesforce and puts it into a powerful engine that aggregates pipeline data, tracks the movement of your opportunities, and enriches it with signals to help you forecast better.

Activity capture

Weflow captures all of your activity, including emails and calendar events, and stores them in Salesforce permanently. When you attribute activities to the opportunity layer, Weflow will surface signals and insights to help you deal with reviews and pipeline inspections.

Pipeline management

Configurable pipeline templates connected to user profiles are easy to roll out and help keep everyone focused on the fields you care about most. These templates come with out-of-the-box bidirectional updates to your Salesforce pipeline and configurable warnings that alert you to low engagement on opportunities. The insights tab will show you if there’s enough velocity in a deal to progress it to closed-won. 

Deliver more insights to your RevOps team

“As a CRO, you use multiple input factors to make a final forecasting call. Your pipeline must be powered by better data quality and a better inspection process.” - Janis Zech

Weflow’s templates let you add notes and connect them to your CRM records. You can even deploy easy-to-use discovery templates that live natively in Salesforce. Set up your forecast in the admin console to track the most important forecast fields and categories, then automatically roll up your forecast calls across your entire organizational hierarchy.

Integrations and setup

Weflow is a web app with a Chrome Extension. As of today, Weflow only works with Salesforce using a bidirectional API integration that mirrors your Salesforce logic and hierarchies. It also offers a bidirectional integration with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 to capture all of your email and calendar activities.

Who’s a good fit?

“Forecasting is a science and an art. It’s about running a reliable and efficient process to get to your number.” - Janis Zech

Most Weflow customers are B2B software companies and financial services organizations with at least 150 employees. But regardless of who you are, if you’re struggling with activity capture, visibility, or running a streamlined or reliable forecasting process, Weflow can help. As the only vendor that makes it easy to enrich your Salesforce data, Weflow takes care of pipeline management and forecasting in a budget-conscious way.

How to get started

To get started, visit to set up your free trial and find out if this tool is right for your company. The Activity Capture product is priced at $19/month/seat and Pipeline Management is priced at $39/month/seat. Set-up can be completed in just two weeks and the Weflow team is happy to jump in and ensure your sellers adopt the platform. 

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