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Streamline Contract Management and Accelerate Revenue Recognition with Ironclad

Over the last 20 years, selling has become more complex and distributed. RevOps, legal, and sales teams are all working in disparate systems, creating a huge hurdle for contract management. Instead of working fast, sales has to loop in the deal desk and legal for even simple negotiations. 

Ironclad tackles this challenge by bringing all of your contracting tools into a no-code platform. Sales can finally be self-sufficient, allowing ops and legal teams to focus on larger, more strategic deals. Join Caitlin Chenier, Senior Sales Engineer at Ironclad, as she takes us on a deep dive demo, and explains how the tool can streamline your contract management processes for faster revenue recognition.

Companies like Salesforce, OpenAI, and HubSpot rely on Ironclad for digital contract management. Over the last decade, Ironclad has processed over 1 billion contracts on its platform, allowing revenue teams to create and execute legal-approved contracts faster.

Seamless integration with Salesforce

“You can set guard rails that must be addressed before a rep can launch a new contract.” - Caitlin

Ironclad has a flexible AppExchange integration with Salesforce. The Ironclad object allows you to launch workflows from any Salesforce object including opportunities, Salesforce CPQ, and custom objects. All new contracts are automatically populated with relevant data in Salesforce.

Customizable standard templates mean that your sales reps can send out contracts to customers without needing legal approval. This speeds up revenue acquisition and allows legal to focus on more strategic deals. Since sales, deal desk, and RevOps can view all active, pending, and expiring contracts within Salesforce, nothing will slip through the cracks.

Click-to-accept workflows

If you’re a VP of BizOps, you probably spend far too much time manually spinning up templates for NDAs, sending them out for signature, and ensuring that everything is tracked in the right Salesforce object. 

Ironclad removes this friction with click-to-accept functionality. Sales reps can send NDAs via direct links to customers, allowing them to fill out the customizable template, or even point them to an embedded public form on your website. The agreement is automatically added into your contract as well as stored in Salesforce and the Ironclad repository.

Ironclad repository

“The Repository can help you decide how to adjust pricing or rewrite contracts at renewal.” - Caitlin


Ironclad isn’t just for creating and sending contracts for signature. The Ironclad Repository collects all of your metadata throughout the contracting process. The Contracts Insights report gives your revenue teams visibility into expiring or renewing contracts so they can see which contracts have opportunities for revenue optimization. 

All of the Ironclad contract data is available in Salesforce’s native reporting. You can slice and dice your data however you want, even when it comes to understanding special terms, like whether you’ve used a customer as a reference or have their logo on your website.

Setup and integrations

Since Ironclad works within Salesforce, you can interact with any other tools that your Salesforce instance supports, including messaging tools like Slack, e-signature solutions like Docusign, and CPQ platforms. Ironclad is a no-code platform that can be set up in about 60-90 days, depending on your use case.

Even if you don’t have Salesforce, Ironclad’s open API and Zapier integration lets you integrate with other popular platforms like Hubspot, Jira, and other business intelligence tools. You can work with Ironclad partners to integrate your systems.

Is Ironclad right for your business?

“Time efficiencies are an obvious ROI. Ironclad is self service, so you loop in approvers only when necessary.” - Caitlin

Ironclad supports SMBs and global companies, like L'Oréal, across most industries. If you’re interested in learning more about pricing tiers, seeing a demo, or creating a trial account, head over to the Ironclad website to be connected to a sales rep today.

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