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See the Big Picture AND the Little Details with Pigment

Business decision making is often stalled while decisionmakers wait for data or spend too much time wondering about how to respond to the insights from that data. In this episode of “RevOps Demos that Don’t Suck”, Erin Gonduck, Solutions Consultant with Pigment, shows us how their business planning tool can help you make those decisions easier and more quickly.

Sit back, relax and watch our third episode of RevOps Co-op “RevOps Demos that Don’t Suck”! 

Today, we get to know Pigment, an enterprise-grade business planning tool that improves efficiency through cross-collaboration, operational planning and improved reporting through the lens of Erin Gondeck, Solutions Consultant. This business-planning platform makes a massive difference to visibility of factors that contribute to smart choices. 

As is the case with each of our demos, we ask the standard list of questions below. Our goal for all partners is to answer what we think encompasses the due diligence of a good RevOps Leader:

  • What Is The Product/What does It Do/ Why Does It Exist?
  • Why should RevOps people care about this?
  • Why Do People in RevOps Use Your Product? (Provide 1-3 Strong Examples of Where Your Product Shines)
  • What’s your Special Sauce? What do you provide that your users can’t get anywhere else? 
  • What tools do you usually integrate with?
  • What does a user look like? Where do they work? (ICP & BP)
  • What’s the pricing model and do you charge for implementation? Are external agencies required to implement?
  • What's the average time to complete an implementation?
  • What does ongoing support look like for your clients? Does it cost more?
  • What does success on your platform look like? How long does it take to get there, on average?

Get rid of the spreadsheets, it’s time for a powerful tool

Pigment was built on the fact that organizational planning even at the Enterprise level is still often based on spreadsheets that can’t keep up with modern businesses. Erin describes it as a tool that stays simple, but one that’s also powerful enough to model out various scenarios quickly in a centralized environment.

It’s a single source of user data that allows for collaboration among teams. No more double-checking for the latest data or asking about the latest version of the spreadsheet, it’s all right there! Everyone is able to see WHY certain decisions are made from the same company information. It aids with everything from determining sales capacity (with field info that direct-transfers from Salesforce) to finance collaboration (all the way to rep level) and everything in between.

Oh, and let’s not forget the power of being able to complete scenario modeling. Headcount, ramp-up, worst-case; all can be forecast in easily-shared models. You can see the possibilities down to a granular level.

If getting a grip on planning is your objective, Pigment may be your next tool. Check out this demo (that doesn’t suck) to find out more.

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