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Improve Seller Execution and Encourage Best Practices with Salesloft

Everyone claims to have the best AI tools, but at Salesloft, they really deliver on their AI promises. Salesloft is the world’s first AI-powered revenue workflow platform that helps sales reps prioritize the most important tasks first. Join Frank Dale, SVP of Product Management at Salesloft, as he explains how this platform helps sales reps execute deals better.

“Salesloft gives reps the intuition that very experienced sellers have.” - Frank Dale 

What do sales teams want more than anything? A truly effective sales platform that makes it easy to create new pipeline, follow through on the right activities, and coach reps to improve. Salesloft fits the bill, offering the world’s first AI-powered revenue workflow platform that helps leaders duplicate their top performers’ efforts across the entire sales team.

How can Salesloft help your reps?

Salesloft offers end-to-end support for your entire sales process, starting with ensuring that your data is accurate across your full tech stack. If you use Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, or another system of record, Salesloft creates uniform data across all of your tools. 

Salesloft can also ingest your sales playbooks and other processes, plus help identify the best behaviors across your team so everyone can sell effectively. By collecting all data generated by your reps across systems, RevOps can view AI-powered reports to understand what’s working, what’s not, and determine how to improve sales execution.

How does Salesloft work? 

“Context switching cuts down on active selling time because sellers keep having to switch systems.” - Frank Dale

At the heart of Salesloft is a powerful AI model that can help you make your own sales forecasting predictions powered by data. The AI collects call recordings, creates transcripts, puts together a recap summary with notes for the rep, and more. 

Since sellers are working across tools like email, CRM,and data platforms, it’s hard to get a clear picture of what tasks are the most important. Salesloft ingests data from all systems and across all opportunities to organize it in a way that simplifies your sellers’ workdays. 

Rhythm by Salesloft brings the entire platform together and takes sales execution to the next level. Rhythm prioritizes activities for each rep by adjusting which tasks they receive based on their specific sales role.  

Rhythm also tracks who’s following recommendations across 24 customizable metrics at both the individual and team performance levels. This data can be used to coach and guide all of your reps to follow the plays and processes used by your best performers. 

Finally, Salesloft has a unique option to open up coaching data to everyone. Instead of keeping performance data just between manager and rep, everyone can see each other’s performance data, including activities, outcomes, conversations, and more. Your reps can dig into each other’s habits to compare their own behaviors to team members that outperform them.

Is Salesloft right for your business?

“Typically it’s 75% faster for sales reps to make updates in Salesloft than it is in the CRM. This makes it more likely that they will actually do it.” - Frank Dale 

Salesloft integrates with most CRMs, all major enablement platforms, and most data providers. They’ve also made their APIs available for customers and partners to use for any custom integrations. 

Salesloft has customers of all sizes, from SMBs to giants like Google, Comcast, and 3M. Reach out to the Salesloft sales team today for help customizing a Salesloft demo that meets your specific needs. 

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