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RevOps Reinvented: Go Nimbly Leads the Way with Customer-Obsessed Solutions

Go Nimbly was a RevOps agency before it was cool. In 2015, Jen Igartua, CEO of Go Nimbly, realized that siloed GTM teams and systems were suffering from pain and misalignment even though everyone was trying to achieve the same goal. Go Nimbly was born to be a better, more flexible way to tackle RevOps projects while staying on budget.

Go Nimbly called itself a RevOps agency before anyone else did. That’s because Jen Igartua understood there was a real solution to the pain and misalignment of siloed GTM teams. Go Nimbly doesn’t just focus on implementing and managing tools, they care about upleveling methodologies to tackle any kind of problem.

Is Go Nimbly right for me? 

“Go Nimbly is a great partner for high growth, B2B SaaS companies focused on product-led-growth and product-led-sales.” - Jen Igartua 

Customers tend to fall into 2 buckets based on their strategy and how they invest in RevOps: 

  1. Companies building a large RevOps organization

These companies hire RevOps experts so they can keep technical skills in-house. Go Nimbly helps through project based work. 

  1. Companies with a lean team of RevOps strategists

These companies hire business strategists that are focused on driving the company forward. Go Nimbly helps out as a managed services provider and advisor. 

What projects will Go Nimbly work on?

“The Go Nimbly ethos is to be customer obsessed, flexible, and consumable.” - Jen Igartua 

They try to match what the customer needs above all else, whether you need help building out your entire GTM stack or you’re undertaking a large deduping project. 

Types of projects that Go Nimbly support include: 

  • Intake processes: If your cases can come from 10 different places including slack, email, and more, Go Nimbly can streamline your process to get you out of fire fighting mode. 
  • Roadmapping: If you can only plan one quarter ahead, Go Nimbly can help identify inflection points, must-have requirements, and even teach you how to handle mid-cycle requests.
  • Reorging: After a hiring spree or a large layoff, you’ll need to restructure your RevOps organization. Go Nimbly can lead this project. 
  • Shifting your entire tech stack into an internal product: Go Nimbly can help implement scoring at the top of your funnel, set up sequencing for SDRs, improve handoffs from AEs to CSMs, and put usage data in front of renewals managers. 

The Go Nimbly team gets work done faster, and in higher quantities, by caring about focus and creating a flow state. They adhere to your processes and policies, whether you're an agile company, developer-first, or customer communication obsessed. 

What differentiates Go Nimbly from other providers?

Go Nimbly has heavily invested in technical infrastructure and hires technical and solutions architects that can handle everything from integrations to reporting–in a smart way. To keep costs low, the company has made big investments in Latin America, so their services are more affordable while still operating in the same time zone. 

There’s always some skepticism that a vendor might not have your best interests at heart. That will never be the case at Go Nimbly. If they aren’t the right partner, they’ll tell you. If they can solve your problem in one call, they’ll do it. If someone else is a better fit to help you, they’ll let you know. Check out their website and see if their solution makes sense for what you’re looking to solve for. 

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