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Create Strategic Opportunity Plans and Relationship Mapping in Salesforce with Prolifiq

Do you have a folder full of old opportunity plans? Are your sales managers bogged down in Excel files and PowerPoint slide decks every quarter? It’s time for an opportunity planning tool that works directly inside your Salesforce instance. Join Brian Garvey, VP of Sales Engineering and Alliances at Prolifiq, for a demo on how Prolifiq can help you improve win-rates, reduce churn, and increase ARR.

“The rep has to put in a lot of effort to update and then present account plans to leadership…only to never look at the plans again.” - Brian Garvey

If you have a bottomless pit of Google Docs, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint slides, you’re not alone. It’s a common problem that can have a serious impact on your revenue. Prolifiq helps sales teams build out and maintain opportunity plans natively inside Salesforce, ensuring that all teams are working off of the same data and that everyone is rallying around a single source of truth.

How does Prolifiq work?

“You can see an almost 23% increase in win-rate by structuring your account plans using Prolifiq” - Brian Garvey

Prolifiq is 100% native to Salesforce and can be accessed through the Account record. This means you can use all of the reportability and existing integrations in your instance, making slicing and dicing data a breeze.

Relationship Mapping

Relationship Mapping is a standalone Prolifiq product that’s super easy to set up. It integrates with your existing contact lists and visualizes the information you need to properly work your opportunity plan. In just one hour you can track who you know, who you don’t know, their roles and responsibilities, and even who to target in order to grow your foothold within the account.

Cross-selling and strategy

Crush is the full end-to-end suite at Prolifiq that helps sellers define their strategy and cross-sell into the account’s white space. You can clearly view current spend, open opportunities, competitor analysis, and addressable market within all parent and subsidiary accounts. 

Instead of manually creating and reviewing account plans with your sales team, leaders can access everything they need within the CRM, letting them focus more on strategy and coaching. Managers can track how sellers and other teams are progressing on tasks and keep an eye on things like customer KPIs and upcoming renewals.

Is Prolifiq right for your business?

“You can use any sales methodology out there, we’re agnostic.” - Brian Garvey

Prolifiq is 100% native to Salesforce so if you use HubSpot or Microsoft Dynamics, then Prolifiq isn’t right for your organization. The software works for any industry and is ideal for companies where it’s really worth the time to account plan – longer sales cycles, over $25K deals, and the ability to grow and expand with multiple products.

Integrations and implementation

“The look and feel is very much like Salesforce, and it’s just as configurable.” - Brian Garvey

Prolifiq integrates with anything connected to Salesforce like ZoomInfo, Tableau, Slack, Gong, Gainsight, and Jira. You can start with the default opportunity plan template or work with the Prolifiq team to build out custom plans based on your needs. 

Relationship Mapping starts at $19/user/month and takes about an hour to set up. Crush starts at $49/user/month and is a more customized product. You can choose from a slew of SI partners and purchase pre-packaged hours or reach out to the Prolifiq CS team for help.

To get started, download a 30 day free trial through the Salesforce AppExchange. You can also visit to connect directly with a sales rep to talk about your specific needs. 

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