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Offer Flexible Payment Options Without Sacrificing ACV with Capchase

Implementing and automating billing and collection processes is a huge endeavor for RevOps and finance teams. Plus, it takes time away from strategic initiatives. Kieran Rice, Sales Manager at Capchase, demos how Capchase Pay handles flexible billing so you can secure annual payments upfront

“Companies struggle with stalled sales cycles, delays due to pricing negotiations, budget constraints, too much churn, and inconsistent cash flow. Capchase Pay is an antidote to these problems.” - Kieran Rice 

Capchase was founded as a way to help B2B SaaS companies with revenue-based financing. After collecting and ingesting banking, accounting, and billing data, the founders identified some interesting trends that were causing friction for sales, finance, and RevOps. That’s why they launched Capchase Pay, a buy now, pay later option for SaaS companies.

How does Capchase work?

“Capchase passes ACV to vendors on day one while allowing customers to pay Capchase flexibly.” - Kieran Rice 

Sales cycles can drag out when you’re stuck in extended negotiations. WHile most SaaS companies want their customers to pay annually upfront, most customers are only willing to do this when offered steep discounting. 

With Capchase, you can guarantee upfront payments on all deals while allowing customers to pay monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually. By offering flexible payment options, you can fit into customer budgets, reduce churn, and even boost your renewal rate. You also save time on billing and collection processes, allowing RevOps to focus on strategic initiatives instead.

The Capchase Vendor Hub

It’s easy to get started through the Vendor Hub, accessible within HubSpot or Salesforce. The first step is to conduct a KYB (know your business) check. This is not a hard credit check and your buyer won’t be notified or impacted. 90-95% of businesses qualify for Capchase Pay and the process takes just 30-60 seconds. 

Next, you can start offering flexible payments to your customer. Send out payment plans for monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual payments and confirm your amounts and due dates. Once signed, Capchase will send you, the vendor, the entire annual amount. 

Capchase pricing

“Capchase Pay allows you to come out further ahead in your ARR.” - Kieran Price

Unfortunately, most companies take a hit to their total ACV when signing up a new customer and securing an annual upfront commitment. For a $100K contract, vendors typically discount 17-30%. With Capchase, you don’t have to lower your price. 

Capchase charges a flat fee, which is negotiated between you, the vendor, and Capchase. This fee is set in stone for the duration of your relationship. A 10% fee on a $100K contract can be split up across 12 monthly customer payments, allowing you to offer your customer flexibility while collecting annually.

Integrations and set up 

Capchase integrates with HubSpot and Salesforce and lets you qualify buyers from right within your CRM. There are no set up or integration fees for Capchase Pay. Other integrations include Stripe, Plaid, Quickbooks, and Zoho. Currently, Capchase does not integrate with CPQ solutions but this functionality is planned for the very near future. 

Capchase is perfect for high growth B2B SaaS companies of all sizes. They’re customer-centric and focused on empowering vendors like you with flexible payment options to scale your business, even across geographies. To get started, visit to regiser for a self service exploration and free trial. 

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