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Marketing Attribution that Includes Just About Everything with CaliberMind

Marketing attribution isn’t a new concept, but getting it right can be a challenge. Camela Thompson, Vice President of Marketing with CaliberMind brings more than 15 years of RevOps experience to this demo that showcases what she describes as a customer data platform with analytics layered on top - it stitches all the data together across a single customer and/or account.

Hooray! It’s our second ever episode of RevOps Co-op “Demos that Don’t Suck”! 

In this one, we’re going to explore CaliberMind and how it brings an advanced solution to the challenges of marketing attribution. Our host, Seb, will talk to Camela Thompson, Vice President of Marketing with CaliberMind about the benefits of the tool, how it integrates with current systems and why it’s likely to rock your socks off. 

For each one of these, we will be asking the standard list of questions below. Our goal for all partners is to answer what we think encompasses the due diligence of a good RevOps Leader:

  • What Is The Product/What does It Do/ Why Does It Exist?
  • Why should RevOps people care about this?
  • Why Do People in RevOps Use Your Product? (Provide 1-3 Strong Examples of Where Your Product Shines)
  • What’s your Special Sauce? What do you provide that your users can’t get anywhere else? 
  • What tools do you usually integrate with?
  • What does a user look like? Where do they work? (ICP & BP)
  • What’s the pricing model and do you charge for implementation? Are external agencies required to implement?
  • What's the average time to complete an implementation?
  • What does ongoing support look like for your clients? Does it cost more?
  • What does success on your platform look like? How long does it take to get there, on average?

Let’s talk marketing attribution shall we?

Marketers are often put in the sticky situation of justifying their budgets and tying their actions to revenue. Sales cycles are longer than ever nowadays with multiple entry points and touch points along the cycle.  Without the right data, that can get downright ugly and cause sleepless nights. Camela explains that while there are tools specific to the B2C space, CaliberMind’s founder thought about a solution that was perfect for B2B, and specifically for the tech space. 

CaliberMind connects with more than 150 tools out of the box and can be tweaked to include a wide range of other data sources. It then cleans / dedupes your data and stitches it all together to bring all relevant touch points under a single customer and/or account record. As RevOps leaders, we don’t have to tell you how valuable this level of insight can be! Multi Touch Attribution can be at your fingertips. With the right data, leadership can make the right decisions and CaliberMind makes that possible.

Sort data based on opportunities, teams, activities and more. The CaliberMind dashboard leads to an understanding of what activity (and dollars) are creating the greatest influence. It can even break data down by a product or service level to see who is engaging, when and with what solutions. It’s the ideal way to bring quality data together that sales and marketing can not only agree on, but collaborate with. 

If your company’s leadership values advanced metrics and recognizes that what the CRM system is spitting out isn’t enough, it’s time to watch this demo and learn more about creating more efficiencies, faster. 

Want to learn more about how CaliberMind can work for your organization?