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Make Quoting More Efficient and Revenue More Predictable with Conga

In the latest episode of RevOps Demos that Don't Suck, Conga's Product Marketing Manager, Rod Martinez, and Principal Solutions Engineer, Kirk Wessman, explain how startups can benefit from Conga's revenue lifecycle management solution. Even with straightforward products, manual quote copying/pasting, and approval workflows take up valuable sales time. Learn how Conga's CPQ software can streamline quoting, increase efficiency, and drive revenue predictability.

In 2023, most companies will likely need to reduce headcount, meaning fewer people will be required to handle the same workload. If your organization is in this position, Conga's CPQ solution with guided selling can help both new and experienced sales reps operate efficiently and effectively. 

Automate your guardrails

Conga’s goal is to make organizations faster, more accurate, and to keep them out of trouble. Kirk Wessman tells us that keeping your company out of contractual and legal trouble is where the real ROI can be realized when selling. 

“Our Customers tell us that one of the reasons they went to a revenue operations software in the first place is because they made a 7 or 8 figure mistake. Without looking at the behind the scenes rules of your contract, you might send out a quote only to have to go back and tell the customer that the products included don’t actually work for your finance and legal teams.”

That’s why it’s necessary to automate the selling of complex products and services to enable a more efficient and profitable sales process. CPQ puts guardrails on selling, especially around maintaining margins, through approval processes and denying bad quotes.

Solving for different levels of complexity

Global enterprise companies have complex selling processes. The sales function might not be connected to the contracting or billing functions. Revenue lifecycle management ensures that data is shared across the whole organization, so commercial folks can get quotes out fast, with legal teams having oversight.

But there are different levels of complexity. For startups and SMBs, the Conga document engine composer eliminates manual copying and pasting, saving reps time. Rod Martinez explains how one Conga customer cut down the time they spent renewing subscriptions. 

“Every quarter they spent 2 weeks on this. It was a manual process. They had to create new opportunities and quotes for each customer. Using Conga, they cut the process down to 3 hours by automatically generating opportunities and quotes.” 

How does Conga do this?

Conga’s secret sauce is their single data model. Revenue data can be shared and viewed across all departments to drive outcome predictability and revenue certainty. Salespeople have a 360 degree view of what’s been sold to a customer. 

“Conga helps companies produce 27% more revenue per contract and increase overall sales revenue by 23%,” says Martinez.

Conga is native to the Salesforce platform and uses middleware like Workato and Mulesoft to integrate with techstacks. They also support robust REST and SOAP API’s for bespoke integrations. Implementation is handled by in-house teams, or a certified partner, and can take just a few weeks with pre-packaged accelerators or a couple of months for more complex setups. 

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