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How to Maximize Your At-Bats with Win-Loss Analysis From Clozd

Win-loss analysis helps companies understand why they win sales opportunities, why they lose sales opportunities, and what they can do to improve their win rates. For RevOps pros, this data can help them maximize their at-bats during slow quarters. Join Cam England, sales team lead at Clozd, as he explains how Clozd can help you get the answers you need to improve your sales results.

Organizations can try and put together a win-loss analysis in-house, but they don’t usually have the clear, concise, actionable information they need. Instead, they’re stuck with limited reporting and data from their CRM and lots of anecdotes from their sales reps. RevOps specialists are left operating in the dark, trying to figure out why they’re winning or losing. 

“You can identify that your win rate is 35%, but you can’t answer questions about why that is or why this number changes month over month.” - Cam England

Cam England, sales team lead at Clozd, helps customers get the data they need by going directly to the buyers and decision makers to collect feedback on what influenced their final decisions.

How it works

Buyers usually don’t give all the key information and feedback about their choice to the sales rep they just told no. Clozd acts as a neutral group for this conversation. They reach out to strategic accounts for a 30 minute interview over zoom and dive into the details. For other deals, they send a survey and collect feedback at scale. 

During the interview Clozd will ask targeted questions and tag decision drivers that positively and negatively influenced the buying decision. They back up their analysis with quotes in the customers own words, as well as the full audio and word-for-word transcript. Afterwards, they push the full interview report directly into your CRM. 

At an aggregate level, Clozd compiles data across interviews to show you the trends they’re hearing from buyers. This information is not only helpful for sellers, but also for product managers who want to hear directly from buyers about their product or platform.  

Clozd interviewers aren't just going through a checklist of questions. The secret sauce of the Clozd offering is the quality of their personnel. The interview team is made up of seasoned market researchers that understand the world of software and bring years of experience to the process.

Is Clozd right for your business?

Clozd works well for enterprise software companies, like Qualtrics and Tableau, and organizations in the B2B space who have a formal go-to-market strategy involving a team of sellers.  

Pricing is based on two factors, a flat software component and a per interview cost. Most Clozd customers spend between $90,000 and $120,000 annually. By design, there’s no cap or charge for user licenses, and anyone who wants to learn what your buyers have to say can access the reports. 

The ROI is much more than just an increase in your win rate. Clozd found that their customers decrease new rep ramp time by 15-30% when they give everyone access to the interview reports.  

“Clozd can also unearth that the prospect may not really be lost. Maybe they chose another vendor and aren’t happy. There’s another chance to win when the renewal comes up.” - Cam England

If you’re interested in learning more about how Clozd can help your organization, reach out to Cam via email, send him a message on LinkedIn, or visit the website for a free win/loss interview. 

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