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How to Make Territory Design Work For Your Sales Goals With Boogieboard

Most companies have a disconnect between the math that RevOps pros use to come up with an equitable book of business and the final product presented to an account executive. If you’re worried that your best sellers will leave because they don’t believe in their territories, it’s time to talk to Boogieboard. Join Kevin Davis, CEO and Cofounder of Boogieboard and Alli Manning, COO at Challenger, as they discuss how they tackled territory management in a whole new way.

It’s hard to hit your number when you don’t have the right book of business. For sellers, the entire territory planning process can seem opaque. You’re just handed a list of accounts and told to make it work. As a former seller, Kevin Davis, CEO and Cofounder of Boogieboard, understands this pain. He started Boogieboard to find a better way to plan and design sales territory.

How Challenger changed their territory design game

Challenger, Inc. is a sales training company that hired Boogieboard to tackle some big changes in how B2B buying works today. In the past, people would evaluate multiple vendors at a time. Today, they do their research on their own and approach the vendor they want. “It’s your customer to lose,” says Alli Manning, COO at Challenger. 

“The sales hurdle is no longer just about convincing a prospect that your company is the right choice, it’s about overcoming inaction all together.” - Alli Manning

Before Boogieboard, Challenger would assign territories to sellers and ask them to do their own research and guess which companies to go after. But this didn’t always result in reps going after customers who could overcome inaction and make it through the full sales funnel. 

Most companies still use geographic territories, but Challenger wanted to tackle this hurdle with a more scientific approach. Instead of geographic, spray and pray, and inbound reliant approaches, Challenger used Boogieboard to move to named accounts. 

“We take all of the data about your prioritized accounts and then ask you to input your goals for territory design. You can be more strategic about what you’re trying to do and distribute accounts more equitably.” - Kevin Davis

Once Challenger started working with Boogieboard, they realized they actually had two ICPs. Instead of assigning sellers to focus on one ICP each, they gave each seller a mix of both. They soon realized that some sellers excelled with one ICP over the other and fed this seller data into their territory design. 

“Using Boogieboard allowed us to bring sellers into the territory planning process.” - Alli Manning

When sellers find that some of their named accounts are duds, this data is used to guarantee a better territory next year. “Redoing territory has become easy, not a horrible task,” says Alli. In the end, Boogieboard helped Challenger redesign their territory plans in 3 days rather than weeks.

Is Boogieboard right for you?

Boogieboard delivers a consultative, managed service offering. After ingesting account lists and manifesting the data into a visual, tailored ICP workshops help you decide how to implement the territory design scenarios until you get to your ideal scenario. 

Boogieboard works with customers like Built In, Spekit,and DailyPay. Companies with leaders who have data driven sales and operations backgrounds are a great fit. Your company should also have some complexity to your territory problems. 

There are two ways to engage with Boogieboard. The TurboTax style, which includes territory design once a year, or a monthly subscription model. Pricing is based on the size of your book of business. 

Reach out to Kevin Davis via the RevOps Co-op Slack community or fill out the form on the website to talk to a founder. 

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