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Demystifying RevOps: Navigating Data Chaos with Sightfull

RevOps teams are responsible for creating processes AND proving which strategies work and don’t work. But when you’re exporting multiple data sources into excel or BI tools–and your business questions change each week–you might end up between a rock and a hard place. Noam Liran, CEO and Co-Founder of Sightfull, demos how this fully automated revenue platform can be a source of clarity for your RevOps org.

“I take cybersecurity technologies and apply them to sales and marketing analytics. You wouldn't believe the insights you can find if you put the right tools to the job.” - Noam Liran

Every RevOps team struggles with figuring out how to pull insights from multiple, quickly changing data sets. There are a lot of analytics platforms out there that can help, but most only solve for specific use cases. 

It’s unrealistic to have a separate tool for every business question that comes up. That’s why Sightfull offers predefined templates that automatically map your data to answer a range of popular business questions. 

Your helpful AI analyst

“Analysis based on snapshots and history is a breeze to do.” - Noam Liran

Historically, metrics related to progression rates, like how long opportunities stay in each stage, have been the hardest to analyze. It’s hard to answer questions like, have POCs been moving faster? Or, how do sales cycles differ between regions and is one region skewing your average numbers?

With Sightfull’s Investigation Page, you can visualize more than just how much pipeline has been created. You can look across time periods for each segment to see how your strategy is performing across regions and reps. 

Sightfull’s biggest differentiator is its AI analyst. If you have a theory about what’s happening with your pipeline, ask the AI to generate insights that will answer your business questions. You don’t have to put on your analyst hat, which can save you hours on reporting each week.

Integrations and set up

“We want to meet our users where they are and try to make it as easy as possible.” - Noam Liran

Sightfull offers over 150 connectors and a growing set of templates. Almost every template is available for Salesforce and Hubspot. You can also take any metric from Sightfull and perform a live export of that data into a Google Sheets formula that updates hourly with live data or use an excel web query to embed metrics into your existing tools. Each template only takes about an hour to set up.

Who is a good fit for Sightfull?

“In 2024, people are tired of hearing, ‘let me get back to you with an answer’.” - Noam Liran

Current customers include Wiz, one of the fast growing startups. If you have more than a few sales reps, Sightfull will work for you. The moment you start accumulating more data, is the moment you can drive insights. Even if your data quality is a mess, Sightfull can help you establish a compass that will point your insights in the right direction. 

How to get started

Visit the Sightfull website to sign up for a demo and a free 14 day trial. Some companies only need up to 3 templates, which makes the entry level tier, priced at $139/month, a great starting point. As you grow and need more templates or to process more historical data, you can upgrade to a higher plan. Book a demo now to access your free trial.

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