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Achieve Flawless Sales Execution with Rattle

Revenue teams rely on two important systems. Your CRM system of record, like Salesforce, holds all of your data but can’t tell your team what to do, when to do it, or how to do it. Your system of engagement, like Slack or Microsoft Teams, allows for free flow of communication, but doesn’t have the necessary data to inform actions.

Join Ike Shepardson, Solutions Engineer at Rattle, as he explains how Rattle can help you bridge the gap between these two systems so RevOps teams can focus on selling, not managing and updating CRM data.

“With Rattle, documentation, adherence, insights are all connected.” - Ike Shepardson

Rattle is the process automation platform for modern revenue teams. By connecting Salesforce and Slack or Teams, RevOps professionals can focus on creating more efficient processes, not tackling one-off workflow requests over and over. Here are Rattle’s 4 main use cases: workflow efficiency, deal execution, data hygiene, and process visualization.

Workflow Efficiency

Many companies have their workflows built out in static tools like Google Sheets. You can see information like, here is what a stage 1 opportunity looks like, but it won’t tell you what happens when a deal is stuck in stage 1 for over 30 days. 

Rattle is integrated with Salesforce, immediately notices non-compliant records, and will push a notification into Slack. For example, if a lead was never enrolled in a sequence, Rattle will notify the right teams that they need to accept the lead or disqualify it. It even automates delivery of enablement resources and reminders.  

Deal Execution

“It’s not that orgs don’t know how to work together, it’s just that they only pay attention to the most important deals.” - Ike Shepardson

Rattle’s Deal Rooms automatically creates Slack channels to manage deals and inputs details like how long the deal has been stuck at stage or if there is an important meeting coming up. You can even move Salesforce stages for your opportunity from within your deal room. Deal Rooms are easy to configure. You select a template, change the criteria to match your organization, and you’ll be up and running in literal minutes.  

Data Hygiene

Rattle has two products to help with data hygiene. Boards can help you oversee your Salesforce data, create custom columns in reports, and even supports custom objects. Digest helps you remediate hygiene issues by showing you all records that are out of compliance. It can completely replace the “Clean Your Room” dashboard in Salesforce and make it easier to stay in compliance. 

Process visualization 

“We need to make data actionable. Where do we have noise in workflows and where do we have value we need to double down on?” - Ike Shepardson

Since Rattle is actively integrated with your Salesforce workflows and processes, you can use it to identify which processes are working, which need to be decommissioned, and even identify who on your revenue teams is keeping up to date on important tasks, like updating your data hygiene Digest report. 

Is Rattle a good fit for your company? 

Rattle customers include MoveWorks, who decreased stuck deals by 75%, and PartnerStack, who boosted forecast accuracy by 30% with Rattle. Companies that benefit from Rattle include SaaS, FinTech, and Health Services organizations. To use Rattle, you need Salesforce and Slack or Teams. It also integrates with other popular tools like Gong, Zoom, Outreach, Zendesk, and more. 

Try out the free trial where you can configure your integrations in minutes. Rattle starts at $19/user/month. Instead of using manual tools like Google sheets or setting up Zapier integrations, use Rattle to remove cluttered point solutions from your revenue team processes.