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At RevOps Co-op, we are all about...well, RevOps, so we built some products to help RevOps folks do their jobs better, faster and easier. Check out our full product catalog below.

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Sync Slack conversations to Hubspot or Salesforce

Have shared Slack channels with your customers? If so, those conversations aren't making it into your CRM...but with Atomic, they do.

Connect all your shared Slack channels to Atomic to instantly sync every Slack conversation back to Salesforce or Hubspot to get a complete picture of customer communications.

Also includes keyword monitoring and sentiment analysis, so you can get alerted when certain words or phrases are mentioned or when customer sentiment drops.

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Paid partner SALs in Hubspot

RevOps Co-"bot"

Slackbot that can answer questions based on your CRM data

Like a RevOps data analyst in the form of a Slackbot. Instead of sifting through process docs or reports to find an answer to your question, just ask the RevOps Co-"bot."

Connect your CRM so you can get answers to questions like "How much pipeline did we generate last quarter?" or "What customers are up for renewal in the next 30 days?"

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AI-driven de-duplication for Hubspot or Salesforce

Automatically dedupe contact and company records in Hubspot or Salesforce.

Deduped.ai will automatically identify duplicate contact and account records that need to be merged. From there, you can perform bulk edits yourself or turn on auto-pilot, which will automatically merge records for you based on your merge history and the criteria you tell us are important to consider for merging.

Get an alert every time a record is merged, or setup a recurring schedule that will send a merged record summary.

It's like having your own RevOps analyst who's only job is to handle de-duplication of contact and account records.

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Deduped AI merge contact records in HubSpot
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Subscription management for Hubspot

Sync contacts, subscriptions and transactions from Stripe into Hubspot. Completely manage your Stripe subscriptions right from Hubspot and automatically associated Stripe subscriptions with contacts, accounts, deals and any other custom objects.

Report out on MRR and ARR, setup workflows to trigger based on subscription changes, and more.

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