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Join the 1st Annual RevOps Meme Throwdown

The RevOps Co-op is partnering with Subskribe to hold a bracket-style meme competition that celebrates the best of the best in RevOps-themed humor. If you fancy yourself a photoshop artiste and have a quick wit, submit your best attempt(s) below for a chance to compete as one of the top 16 meme-ists (meme-ologists? meme-ites?).

How the Throwdown Works

Use any meme generator you'd like to create your memes (Canva, ImgFlip, Adobe Express, or any other).

  • Submit your meme as a jpeg, png, or gif using the form below. Submissions close on 12/3/2023 at midnight CT.
  • Hand-picked judges will narrow down meme submissions to the top 16 memes. These memes will be broken into four groups of four. Each group of four is a bracket.
  • The community will be asked to vote to determine a winner in each bracket.
    - Bracket 1 votes will be collected on Monday, 12/11/23.
    - Bracket 2 votes will be collected on Tuesday, 12/12/23.
    - Bracket 3 votes will be collected on Wednesday, 12/13/23.
    - Bracket 4 votes will be collected on Thursday, 12/14/23.
  • The winner of each bracket will be announced on Friday, 12/15/23, and voting for the final winner will take place that day.
  • All winners will be announced on Tuesday, 12/19/23.
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place prizes will be given to the top 4 memes, determined by number of votes. Three “honorable mention” prizes will also be given.
subskribe meme throwdown

The Prizes

Scribblesprizes for meme throwdown

Submit Your Meme - Entries Close 12/3/2023 @ Midnight CT

Round 1 Judges (They Pick the Bracket Participants)

Camela Thompson RevOps Co-op

Camela Thompson
RevOps Co-op SME & Head of Marketing

jeff ignacio profile pic

Jeff Ignacio
Head of GTM Ops & Growth @ Regrow & RevOps Co-op Instructor

prakash raina profile

Prakash Raina
Co-Founder of Subskribe

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