The 2024 State of RevOps Survey

Have you ever been asked, “What exactly is RevOps?” by your executive team ✋We’ve been there, and not only is it 🤯 – it’s waaayyy more common than it should be. We partnered with Openprise to launch their survey, and the results are astounding.

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What the Heck Is RevOps? 🤔

We know that RevOps is a relatively new discipline in B2B, but we’re frequently asked:

  • What is RevOps?
  • What should RevOps “own”?
  • Who should RevOps report to?

And now we know why.

The Openprise survey SAYS: The definition is still all over the place. Not only that – how it’s structured and what the team prioritizes is linked to operational maturity.

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A 2024 Roadmap to More Streamlined Operations

What is operational maturity?

Openprise assessed operational maturity by surveying operations pros in three areas: go-to-market team alignment, data management, and RevTech. They found that operational maturity isn’t linked to company size but is linked to several skills and tools. 

Check out the report for recommendations on what tactics can be leveraged to operationally level up.

RevOps’ Main Barrier to Efficiency: Data Management

Those of us in the trenches know that data quality is a major barrier to delivering accurate reports that drive business decisions.

But we had no idea just how bad it is.

Check out the survey, see where operations pros struggle the most, and get some solace that you aren’t in this mess alone.

Which Skills Matter Most?

When we first spoke to Openprise about the survey, we thought this was a great opportunity to understand the skills that operations professionals prioritize. It also gives us a chance to see how they vary across the go-to-market teams they support and seniority level.

And holy smokes, there were some shocking tidbits.

Find out how marketing operations and revenue operations prioritize skills differently and where we need to close some skill gaps across all teams.

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Includes a detailed summary of the survey questions and responses, as well as the analysis.

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