RevOps Roadmapping Starter Kit

RevOps Co-op partnered with Go Nimbly to bring you a RevOps Roadmapping Starter Kit, complete with a RevOps roadmap template, example roadmap meeting agendas, and more.

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Develop a sustainable RevOps roadmapping strategy

Do you want to have a more productive quarter and tell the story of how your RevOps work is helping to drive more revenue?

Of course you do.

And it all starts with the RevOps roadmap.

Don't have one, you say? No sweat, that's why we're here. This starter kit will give you the tools you need to start laying a foundation for your RevOps roadmap, complete with a RevOps roadmap template and more.

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RevOps roadmapping prerequisites

Before you get started on your RevOps roadmapping adventure, there's a few things you need to have in place to be successful.

Things like a gap assessment, a list of projects or initiatives, and a meeting cadence are all needed. And guess what? You need some sort of RevOps roadmapping tool too, something that can be accessible to all stakeholders and easily updated.

Example kickoff agenda

You've got the RevOps roadmapping prerequisites checked off, so what's next?

The kickoff, that's what.

Get a glimpse into how the RevOps pros at Go Nimbly structure their RevOps roadmapping kickoff meetings, from the check in that happens in the first few minutes to the individual cave (it's a thing, trust us), department presentations, group discussion and action items that come later.

RevOps roadmapping template and pro tips

When it comes to RevOps roadmapping, the experts at Go Nimbly have been there, done that (after all, they've got clients like Twilio and Zendesk, to name a few).

So they not only share some pro tips on things like leveling, definitions of done, milestones and more, but they also share a RevOps roadmapping template that you can download and start to use for yourself.

The template is broken down into sections, including goal-setting and alignment, gap identification and classification, prioritization, idea generation, and of course, the roadmap.

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