RevOps CRM Migration Checklist

RevOps Co-op partnered with Syncari and Carabiner Group to develop a comprehensive CRM migration checklist that considers the needs of employees, customers and other stakeholders.

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Considering a CRM Migration?

There's a lot to untangle when it comes to any systems migration.

You have end users and customers to consider. Multiple departments that are impacted. And the list goes on and on.

So where do you start? What does the finish line look like? And what should all be happening in between?

In this comprehensive CRM migration checklist, we break things down into 12 categories, each with a checklist of its own...ensuring you don't miss a beat, and avoid a lot of headaches along the way.

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First steps: purpose, scope and outcomes

In order to understand what needs to be done, you need to know what outcomes you are looking to drive.

Defining the purpose and scope of the migration, including the expected outcomes and benefits, is a critical first step, but not the only thing you need to do upfront.

Identify, assess and deliver

Identifying and engaging stakeholders in any CRM migration is critical as well. Multiple departments outside of sales are going to be impacted, and bringing these folks along for the ride is a crucial step for success.

You can't stop there though - you must also develop a communication that addresses the needs of all stakeholders, and a training plan that works for them as well.

Train, roll out and celebrate

Don't forget - things won't always go smoothly, but that's okay. You'll want to develop a risk management plan so you know how to handle things like data loss, breaches, etc. and a solid testing strategy to avoid as many problems as possible.

That said, once the system migration is complete, the work is not done. Any new system will only deliver value if it's used.

Don't forget to create a training plan that works for all stakeholders, and do a post-mortem once the migration is complete.

Which brings us to the last and final step - make sure you celebrate the completion of the migration. 🎉

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Includes a detailed summary of the survey questions and responses, as well as the analysis.

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