Ramp Pricing How-To Guide

RevOps Co-Op partnered with Cacheflow to provide our community members with a pricing strategy that checks all the boxes: customers feel special and your long-term ARR doesn't suffer.

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Discounting can be tricky.

Human psychology is weird. Most of us like a deal, but research has shown that we get suspicious that there's something wrong with a product when the price is too low.

Indiscriminately slashing prices is a bad idea for you and your prospects.

However, there are ways to avoid reducing the product's perceived value. Cacheflow created a how-to guide on ramp pricing that calls out pitfalls, describes the perfect pricing scenario, and helps you get into the mind of your CFO so you can pitch a winning strategy.

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Different variations for different scenarios.

As with almost anything, one size does not fit all. 

We've got you covered with ramp-down, ramp-up, and variable pricing. You're sure to find the right fit when you pair that with things like opt-out clauses and loyalty bonuses.

We'll also discuss how pricing strategy should differ between new acquisitions and expansions or renewals.

Not every customer should be treated the same.

While we should strive to make every customer happy, not all of them fall into our ideal customer profile (ICP).

You know you've discovered your ICP when you find the folks who LOVE to use your product because it perfectly addresses their core use cases.

We'll outline different strategies for the customer profiles attracted to your brand and when to avoid ramp pricing altogether.

Teaching Up: A RevOps Reality

If you've worked in a startup, you've seen executives get overly creative with their pricing models. Red flags include multi-layered spreadsheets with complex formulas.

You should approach price modeling similarly to compensation design: Keep it as simple as possible!

We'll give you stats and a roadmap for selling up when revamping your pricing strategy so you can look like the rockstar you are.

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Includes a detailed summary of the survey questions and responses, as well as the analysis.

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