5 ways to revolutionize RevOps with automated document generation

Nintex developed the must-have guide on how to use automated document generation to speed up feedback cycles, improve customer satisfaction, and increase revenue.

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When marketing, sales, and customer success teams are misaligned, the customer journey becomes disjointed.

When marketing, sales, and customer success teams are misaligned, the customer journey becomes disjointed. Using a RevOps approach to document generation unites these teams and their processes, and organizations can ensure consistent messaging, clearer communication, and higher levels of efficiency across customer-facing departments.

It's a customer-centric win-win!

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 75% of the highest growth companies will have a RevOps model. The benefits include:

→ 100% - 200% increase in digital marketing ROI

→ Nearly 3x faster revenue growth

→ 15% to 20% increase in customer satisfaction

→ 10%-20% increase in lead acceptance

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Transforming RevOps with automated document generation

Documents are crucial to bringing together marketing, sales, and customer service teams. Even in the world of templates and other digital shortcuts, creating documents is still a time-consuming process. In fact, the average sales representative spends 14.8% a week on administrative tasks, which is more than prospecting (10.1%). Across a business, 300 hours a year are spent on admin.

In the way that digitalization has revolutionized paperwork, automation can transform the document lifecycle and give your employees some precious time back to spend on higher value work.

Along with speed, personalization is now essential in sales and marketing. Your customers expect a tailored experience and content that’s specific to their needs. Automation enables you to take the data you have and create customized proposals, emails, and follow-ups at scale, enhancing customer engagement and driving higher conversion rates.

The core documents of RevOps

Documents are essential throughout the buyer's journey, from initial prospecting and lead nurturing to post-sales support. The use of automation allows teams to quickly and accurately build these documents, which enables businesses to scale their operations effectively.

Core documents include:

→ Proposals

→ Sales contract and agreements

→ Quotes, purchase orders, and invoices

→ SLAs

→ Customer renewals and reporting

Contract management

Contract management is crucial when you think that the average Global 2000 company manages between 20,000 to 40,000 contracts at any given time.

The lifecycle of these contracts, from initial bid to final signature, can span anywhere from eight days to about two and a half months, and is often fraught with potential complications.

Automated document generation significantly enhances this process by digitizing contracts, which reduces the time and resources typically consumed by manual handling. It speeds up the contract management process and eliminates errors from manual data entry, misinterpretations, and the need for repeated revisions.

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