Farewell, Single Source of Truth: A New Way for RevOps to Data


Farewell, Single Source of Truth: A New Way for RevOps to Data

June 27, 2023
6:00 am

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In an age of tech stack bloat, where data is often fragmented across various platforms and departments, the notion of a single source of truth is quickly becoming obsolete. Instead, GTM ops teams need a more nuanced and inclusive approach: the 'distributed truth'. This idea encourages collaboration and communication across teams, fostering accurate data across the GTM tech stack.

Our panel will guide you through this transformation, sharing insights, experiences, and actionable steps to successfully transition your data. You will learn:

  • Understanding the concept of 'distributed truth' and its benefits over the traditional 'single source of truth' approach.
  • Insight into the role of RevOps in enabling and managing a cohesive data strategy.
  • Tactical approaches to align your marketing, sales, and customer service teams under the RevOps model, without ignoring the data.
  • Actionable steps to transition from a single source of truth to distributed truth within your organization.

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