RevOps Talent Placement

Connect with qualified, diverse RevOps talent through community.

At RevOps Co-op, we've got a global network of Revenue Operations talent - more than 4.5k members across 30+ countries, in a variety of RevOps roles. This network, coupled with our expertise and strategic approach will help you quickly identify, find and hire the talent you need to continue to scale your Revenue Operations function.

Only pay if you make the hire

You'll work hand in hand with a RevOps Co-op talent advisor, who will support your search efforts. You only pay a placement fee if you hire a candidate sourced from RevOps Co-op.

Quaualified, diverse talent

At RevOps Co-op, we are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion across the revenue operations industry, and this commitment is reflected in the high quality candidates we bring forward.

Global, worldwide reach

Our next extends across the globe, from the USA to India to Australia, and pretty much everywhere in between. Currently 35+ countries are represented within the RevOps Co-op community.

Deep + broad network

Whether you're looking for a Salesforce Administrator, a VP of Revenue Operations, or anything in between, we can support your search efforts. RevOps Co-op members come from a variety of industries, ranging from SaaS to hospitality to retail, and have a wide range of skillsets.

How it works


Share your job description. You'll immediately get paired with a RevOps talent advisor who will learn more about the role and even provide feedback on the JD.


Sit back and wait for introductions to qualified candidates. We get to work, leveraging our community to deliver highly qualified, pre-screened candidates.


Make your next great RevOps hire. Fill your RevOps role with an amazing candidate and watch them have a huge impact on your company.

Let's grow 🚀

Starting connecting with qualified, diverse RevOps talent today. Only pay if you make the hire. Could it be easier than that? 

Meet a Few of Our Community Members

Join our global community, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Zachary Dammann, Revenue Operations Analyst @ Lattice

Jenna Hanington, SVP of Revenue Operations @ Experity

Merry Keane, Revenue Operations Manager @ CallTrackingMetrics

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