Executive Career Accelerator

RevOps Co-op has partnered with Jacob Warwick of Think Warwick to bring you a four-week, small group course designed to help you take your executive career to the next level.

Accelerate Your Executive Career

Get personally tailored strategies for continued career confidence for ambitious executives. Ask tough questions, share experiences, broaden your perspective, and uncover unique solutions to position your career for whatever is next.

Each course will feature:

- Course kit
- Live roundtables
- Peer to peer collaboration
- 1:1 opportunities with Jacob
- Certification post course success

The Next Cohort Launches Early July 2022!

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"Jacob gave super helpful, clear, and actionable direction when I needed it. He's also assembled a really great group of folks that I enjoyed working with. His concern and interest in helping is genuine and sincere."

Steve Rubinstein, COO @ Confiant

What you'll cover over 4 weeks

Week 0


Additional discovery, expectation setting, and agenda scheduling to ensure that the Career Accelerator Program is maximally catered to your unique circumstances.

Week 1

Find Clarity

Share your career story in a concise and compelling manner while Jacob does a bottom-up exploration of your career by learning about who you are, what's next for you, and why you're ready for a change.

Outcome: Leave with a more confident and authentic career narrative that will serve as the foundation to help you achieve your vision for what's next.

Week 2

Get Prepared

You’re asked to share your career materials with Jacob to conduct a deep dive on your résumé and LinkedIn profile. Jacob provides an executive résumé template, corrective suggestions, and instruction on how to position your career for what’s next.

Outcome: Leave with fresh career marketing materials and a complete understanding on how to use them more effectively.

Week 3

Create Opportunity

Work with Jacob to create a high-performance networking strategy and key performance indicators to leverage and accelerate your current networking efforts. Includes creating a pragmatic job search process and community networking habits and organization.

Outcome: Leave with a more effective and streamlined job search process to accelerate creating stronger opportunities.

Week 4

Own the Hiring Process

Arm yourself with competitive executive compensation and industry market intelligence to better position yourself for upcoming interviews. You and Jacob work to establish a foundation on how to control the interview proactively, interview the interviewer, and shift uncomfortable conversations and reactionary interviewing traps.

Outcome: Leave with a complete understanding of the good and the bad of your entire executive career transition process and confidence heading into your next role.

Tuition $2,999

What's included:

✔️ 4 weeks of live roundtables with your cohort and instructor

✔️ Guided group work sessions and work-applicable project with instructor feedback

✔️ Private Slack channel with your cohort in the RevOps Co-op workspace

✔️ Access to a private, vetted peer network of other RevOps leaders, rising and current

✔️ Access to course content (including templates, and recordings) forever

✔️ 1:1 time with instructor to talk through career challenges and goals


Who is this course for?

This course was designed for those VP level and above who have ambitious career goals and are looking to take their executive career to the next level. Those in Director or Senior Director roles at large companies (e.g. $1.0B+ of revenue) will also be considered.

What is the time commitment?

Those who participate can expect to spend between 1 - 3 hours per week on live classes, office hours, peer group sessions, and independent study combined throughout the course of 4 weeks. Most live sessions take place in the range of 12 p.m. - 6 p.m. EST.

What if the schedule doesn't work for me?

We are all busy, so we vary the meeting times for each cohort as best we can to provide a wider range of options for students across time zones. If you know you'd like to attend this course but the timing of the upcoming cohort doesn't work for you, please do apply and make a note about availability in your application. We will follow up when we have a cohort running during a more convenient time for you.

How many people will be in class with me?

Each cohort will be limited to 10 people to allow for an intimate experience with plenty of individual attention, and (virtual) face time with our instructor.

The cohort experience will include a private Slack channel in the RevOps Co-op to connect with fellow students and as you work through the coursework.

We will also include an option for 1:1 time with Jacob and small group meetings with other members of the cohort.

Why does it cost $2,999?

Tuition is set at a level that allows our staff and instructor to offer the best possible training. We believe our graduates will be well-equipped to implement their learnings immediately and see an impact on their career trajectory.

Still Have questions? You can email our team for additional help at community@revopscoop.com

Meet Jacob Warwick

My path is untraditional. I’ve always been the ‘kid that fixed the VCR’ and even coded websites for classmates in middle school. I am the son of a nurse and entrepreneur—a combination of compassion and recklessness.

I started several businesses as a kid. A web developer, disc jockey, caterer, photographer, resume writer, and video editor, but I got my first break as a journalist before editing a few seasons of ‘The Deadliest Catch’ with Discovery. Growing up, people would say, “Jacob, you are a great storyteller, you should be a journalist…” And I let others guide my career. Turns out storytelling proved valuable for my first marketing and product roles in Silicon Valley and I quickly accelerated into VP and C-Suite roles.

But something never sat right. I wasn’t happy. Even though I was making a ton of money (which I thought was the key to happiness) I was emptied by basically selling spreadsheets to other businesses. Oftentimes I worked for products or teams that I didn’t really believe in for the sake of more money.I never want anyone to feel that way. It hit me, that I needed to combine my passion for storytelling, marketing, and growth to help other leaders—do just that. Tell their story, market themselves, and grow for their ambitions and for the betterment of their families. This journey has led me to my big mission of helping leaders find more fulfilling work, become masters of their craft, and continue their growth confidently through continuous learning and objective support.

I spent fifteen years in Silicon Valley as a senior go-to-market executive with an extensive background developing and leading high-growth teams in the enterprise technology sector.

I worked with companies such as Percolate (Seismic), MyFitnessPal (UnderArmour), Uber, Engage 3, Simply Measured (Sprout Social), LinkedIn, Xerox, Skedulo, AppBuddy (Validity), Visor, Lumanu, and ClearVoice (Fiverr). I’ve worked with lots of VC backed hyper growth companies and through several acquisitions.

I've been a 2x product leader, 4x marketing leader, built teams of 20 plus, and founded (bootstrapped) 2 multi-million dollar consulting businesses.

I’ve helped over 1,500 leaders find more fulfilling work and navigate tough career challenges. I’ve worked with C-suite executives at major Fortune 500 organizations, high-growth software founders, and international business leaders across six continents.

Clients say that I provide a steady and supportive voice during periods of uncertainty. I concentrate on patient, consistent prompts to stay focused on core themes and clear personal and professional goals will help you navigate the emotional ups and downs of your executive career.

I work to support a shift in career mindset, prepare you for more confident interviews, and am a compassionate friend during any setbacks. Not afraid to ask the hard questions to force you to prioritize what you truly want in your career. I am candid and forthright—and take a personal approach to help others be successful.

I have an eye for quickly understanding your ‘secret sauce’ and will help you articulate your unique value. I help you refine your narrative, think through cognitive blind spots, and create immediate tangible value for your career.

I have also helped hundreds negotiate six and seven-figure compensation increases. Which is pretty cool!